I thought since I already posted a 1988 themed blog I should post a 1998 themed one. I couldn’t think of a lot of toys from 1998 about 20 or so. I was 14, so toys were seen as uncool. Plus there were not many toys that year that really caught my eye anyway. Why did I pick toys as my first 1998 topic? Only because I gathered a bunch of pictures of toys.


Marvin’s Magic Drawing Board


They would always show commercials for this during Pokémon. I remember thinking it looked hard to draw on. The pens were just like those old Crayola Changeable markers from the early 90s.

Happy Meal Girl


This doll was partially blamed for the obesity epidemic. Although there were McDonald’s themed toys that came before here like Happy Meal Stacie and the McDonaland dolls.



Even at my high school these things were popular. I was upset virtual pets weren’t still popular. The hot toy of Christmas 1998. A few yeas later I played with my friend’s Furby and it was fun for about 5 minutes.

Bop It Extreme


I think people would smuggle this and the regular Bop It to school and play with them at lunch.

Sweet treats Barbie

t64895-1 - Copy


The treat she made looked like pink frosting or something. It looked so gross in the commercial.

Generation Girls







A predecessor to My Scene and Diva Starz. The Chelsea name was recycled for the My Scene line (spelled a little different), and the Nichelle name was recycled form the Shani line. I was really tempted to get one of these. I used to gawk at them at the Walmart. The dolls came with cool accessories.

Bead Blast Barbie



I thought this Barbie had a cool concept. I remember getting the McDonald’s one in a Happy Meal.

Game Boy Camera

gameboycamerajune98 001

This could be seen as a predecessor to snapchat.

Giga Pets Plus

scan0005 - Copy

When these came out I really wanted one. My parents were like; “You already have one. Why do you need another?” I was still going for the record with my KFC Giga Pet dog. My pet would die on June 11 1998 at 169 days. Somebody at school said they were going to get the Rugrats one, but I never saw them with it.

Very Velvet Barbie


When I put in “Barbie 1998” in google this doll came up. There is nothing wrong with the doll I think she is very pretty and velvet was a fad in 1998.

Galoob Trolls

2ba6ca258fb4c4ba251e22cbec4461a6 - Copy

So soon Galoob? I’m not sure about where other people lived, but Trolls were still popular around late 1994 early 1995. They were cute but I was uninterested in them.