Gettin’ Skooled by the Youngins — January 10, 2018

Gettin’ Skooled by the Youngins

So I was thinking about these young people who have accomplished a lot in their short lives. They say things like; “I’m an acrobat, boxer, cliff jumper, pizza chef, 12 time Grammy nominee, I almost have my EGOT, former Disney animator, triathlete, former Olympic skier, former nationally ranked cheerleader, pitcher for the Mets, saved 10 orphans from a burning orphanage in a foreign country, translated the Bible into Swahili, McDonald’s Crew member, award winning cosplayer, and went to modeling school, and I’m only 23 not to brag or anything.”

I’m not saying young people aren’t doing all these things, but what percent is really doing this? All of it? And not doing something more typical like stuck in a dead end job or getting high or something? Then I wonder if these people will end up burning out quickly.

“You are not getting older you are just getting closer to death”. I was thinking about that quote I heard in a Frasier episode years ago. Besides me still being upset about not being able to like I used to meaning 2 months ago. I ate something I haven’t had in a long time; the Admiral’s Feast. I love that platter! It’s so hard to find good fried breaded clams. Tried some fried flounder. It’s good but not as good as halibut.  I do love my bottom feeders (sea creatures not people). The thing that makes me sad is I can’t eat fried sea meats like I used to. 😥

Being Old Hits Hard — January 9, 2018

Being Old Hits Hard

Since I’ve been getting older it hit me like a ton of bricks. My stomach is bothering me all the time and I’m always itchy. I can’t even eat foods I could eat 2 months ago. That really upsets me. I can’t drink soda like I used to or eat fried foods like I used to.

A College Cautionary Tale — January 8, 2018

A College Cautionary Tale

I was thinking about how I ended up a communications major. I was “undeclared” from the fall of 2003-2016-ish.

Pretty much everything you are not supposed to do in college I did except for these things I could think of off the top of my head; go to colleges in different states and not have the units transfer, get drunk at school or show up to class drunk (I do my drinking after class at home), get injured in some type of initiation hazing ritual, and have sexual relations with a teacher.

The problem was that I took communications classes at another school and there they focused mostly on media communications. When I transferred to the school I go to now, and later found out that communications classes there were more about group communications theories and giving speeches I was so upset.

You know those people that troll the internet and say don’t take “X” as a major. They say things like “There is no money in it and when you take the classes they make you cry because they suck so much.”

I’m not going to tell you that. I don’t care what you personally major in; needlepoint, bible studies, fine arts, history , biology, accounting, communications, gender studies or anything else for that matter.

Maybe you picked the perfect major; the right one for you. I can’t say I’m not you and I don’t know your educational capabilities.

Would I recommend communications as a major? Possibly …if you enjoy giving speeches and stuff like that.

Personality Journal Blog Entry 19 — January 3, 2018

Personality Journal Blog Entry 19

Since I haven’t been using it for blogging recently I thought I’d pull something from the personality journal. I haven’t used it since May of last year and that has been awhile.

This section has a list of this or that. Some of these items were pretty confusing or didn’t apply to me.

These are the ones I definitely had an opinion on.
Dogs or cats
Morning or night
Popcorn or candy
Meat or veggies
Mac or PC
Chinese food or Mexican food
East Coast or West Coast
Cake or pie
Piercing or tattoo
Ice cream or frozen yogurt
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate


Blonde or Brunette
Apples or bananas
Waffles or pancakes
Pen or pencil
Brains or beauty
Gold or silver
Baseball or football
Book smarts or street smarts
Tv or computer
Antique or modern
Surf or skate
Sunshine or rain
Fiction or nonfiction


Zac Efron or Justin bieber


Mountains or beach
Hug or handshake
Pen or pencil
Summer or winter
Rap or country
Very tall or very short
Basement or attic
Suv or sports car
Deep or shallow
Jeans or dress
Inside or outside
Swimming or sunning
Fly or drive
Spring or fall
Fast or slow
Stripes or dots
Sing or dance
Creamy or crunchy
Weird or normal
Airplane or sailboat


Not sure
Hate job/make lots of money or love job/make a little money
Skydiving or bungee jumping


I don’t get it/why?
Blind or deaf
Odd or even
tame or wild
couples or singles
half-empty or half-full

2018 Writing Goals and Tips — January 2, 2018

2018 Writing Goals and Tips

Some quick and dirty writing tips from me.

I don’t outline or even like to most of the time. Is it wrong? Possibly?

Disclaimer: This is from my own personal experience this may or may not work for you. Writing is not a one size fits all thing no matter what other writers tell you.

The problem I have with outlining is you put all this effort into writing this outline. Why not just take the extra step and finish it? Especially the detailed ones. I guess I’m not alone in this thought. Meg Cabot feels this way. If I overly outline a story I feel I already wrote it.

The only times I like to use an outline before I write is when I write instructional things or autobiographical events.

I’ll give an example of each.


How to tie your shoes
Get your shoes
Check to see if they have laces
Tie them

Personal story:

Cola pants (title)
Got text
Drank some soda for breakfast and didn’t finish it
Packed it in my backpack
Got to school
Sold my book back
Met some strange man selling jerky
Got thirsty
Found the soda soaked pants
Rushed to the bathroom to try and clean them
Run into the teacher in the bathroom
Figure all I can do is wear the pants
Finished the play and was revived nobody noticed
Changed into other pants after class and went home

I usually write story like this. I come up with a beginning and an end and nothing much in between. I know that is the “bad” way to write for some reason. Sure you can get writer’s block and write yourself into a corner or whatever.

My World fics are different. They are more like something I like to string together scene by scene. In the burger one the 2 main things I wrote 1st were the girls coming in everyday during homecoming week because them being dressed in different costumes is funny and reminded me of something that would be on the show. In the previous story Winnie made a fuss about getting her sleuth jacket so I thought I’d work it into the next story.

I never understood why a lot of writers say they hate writing. If you hate writing so much then why are you doing it? I mean if it is not your job. I know maybe you think if you write *that great thing* it’ll make you rich even if you hate writing and felt miserable through the whole process.

I guess I’m the weird one.
*whispers* I actually enjoy writing.

Since it is the new year a lot of writers make a bunch of writing resolutions. Like they are going to write 5000 words a day every day. So they can write 1,825,000 words a year. Which equals about 23 novels. For me I don’t really like to talk about those things since I heard that telling people your goals makes you not want to complete them. I want to finish up my Halloween World fic. And I’m hoping to post some 1998 themed blogs too. I hope they fare better than my 1997 ones.

Come back for a blog where I interview the characters from one of my stories. J/K that would be a very absurd blog topic.

New Year New Blog — January 1, 2018

New Year New Blog

I was going to post some more blogs. I feel sick. I can’t eat anything. The only thing I can eat are cheerios and bread. I’ve been feeling this way since the 28th. And it sucks because its the holidays.

Is it me or are broadcast new years shows just gotten worse? NBC didn’t even have one this year. Fox’s show was boring and just horrible. So I ended up watching KTLA showing the 1988 Rose Parade. I don’t know why they slapped a 2018 copyright on their 1988 parade.

For the 2018 parade Liza and Mark’s commentary is horrible they don’t know when to pause. And they talk too slowly when they mention something another different thing is going by.