Is the Semester Over Yet? — February 28, 2018

Is the Semester Over Yet?

So I had to go to the math tutoring center to use the book there. It took a long time to copy down all the problems. I need to save money and not waste $130-200 on a book that I’m most likely going to throw away or something. I already spent at least $100 on garbage books. I want to do this semester as cheap as possible.

There were these 2 weird people who were whispering dumb things to each other. Pretended to open a book, made fun of my phone ring tone, and then left Strange.

Except I ended up wasting my whole day at the school.

The thing that took the longest was waiting for the bus to come back home.

Even if the tutors suck again I have a new trick up my sleeve a website that shows you how to do math problems. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? the first time I took the class.

I came up with a funny new hashtag. #realwritersdontdomathhomework Ok it’s kinda long.

Kidsclick are just being plain rude! Somebody asked if Super 4 was still going to be on because they are adding a bunch of Pink Panther and Pals to stop cyber bullying.

Screenshot-2018-3-1 Kids CLICK - Home

Are they trying even harder to drive more people away from watching their block?

This Was Hot Stuff About 20 Years Ago — February 27, 2018

This Was Hot Stuff About 20 Years Ago

To get up early I used the pee strategy like Bart Simpson used. It almost worked. My alarm didn’t go off until 5 minutes later for some strange reason.

I thought there was going to be nothing on tv so early in the morning. Except the news. I found out the black and white version of Password comes on at 5AM local time. Then my dad got mad because I didn’t know who the celebrities were. Those are from the 50s. Still working at perfecting a breakfast strategy.

My dad said he’d tutor me. Every time he has it always ended up disastrous. Him ugh. I’d rather get an “F” in math.

The bus was late and crowded like I thought it would be. All those students who like to be at school all day. From 7:30-5PM.

I was going to meet this class with reluctance and resistance like bratty pikachu being dragged up a hill.



After we went over the syllabus. I realized I need so many things for this class. Like a newer model of calculator, a book (no brainer), and a binder (which I can pick up pretty much anywhere). Why are math classes so expensive?

When I asked why we need a specific model of calculator, the TI-30X IIS

486f4b1a-ee8f-441d-886f-af71524f2025_1.19e7ccc396d92b249397836b73ea01c0 - Copy

(which I figured was to prevent cheating or something) she told me because it was easier to use. When I showed her the one I already have she said it was too hard to use, and that you have to put in the information backwards, and that it was outdated.

c15b1a92-c9ca-4484-8fb6-4e683aa008bb_1.dafffae5e3e3bac88d9cd491f718f4c9 - Copy

Don’t be dissin’ the TI-30Xa! These things were hot stuff back in high school which was about 20 years ago. This was pretty much all we had unless you wanted to get a graphic calculator. That cost at least $100 back then. I’ve had this model since 1998. And the one I use now since 2001. My solar model decided to conk out on me while taking the SAT of all times. This isn’t just some calculator I got 2nd hand or something. I had a hard time using it at first back in 1998 or some time around there, but once I studied the manual it wasn’t that hard to work it. I also realized that it did a lot of cool and helpful things I didn’t even know about. I hope we don’t have to do logarithms. Those are a bitch to do on that calculator. It’s kind of funny that the former teacher I had used this model. So during the break I looked up the model on my phone to see how much they go for. But after I thought about it I thought why should I waste money on a calculator for the last class I need to take here.

I do have to say that I learned more in that one class so far than I did in that other class for like about a month or so. She goes through the problem step by step. Not like that other lady. Somebody complained about my former teacher in another class going too fast. Also the last teacher covered one chapter in material in a class session. Maybe cause the class was 2 hours? I don’t know. The school has so many rules. For the first test you have to bring an ID and not leave the room. It happened last time. I just thought it was the former teacher’s rule.

I didn’t have time to make food to take to school. I really should bring a sandwich or something.

The one good thing about an early class is that there was no line for bus passes. Usually that line is out the door, and at least 15 people deep.

I just wanna quit school and look back on it and say “quitting college was the best decision I made in my life.”

The Day Before the Day — February 26, 2018

The Day Before the Day

Virgin Mobile has been giving me problems. For the past 3 months I’ve been having service problems. This time was the worst yet! Well since I got my smart phone.

I went to my storage space and got some old Nickelodeon magazines from 1998. The fashion magazines were way in the back so I couldn’t get to them. 😦 I’m hoping to scan more pictures from the magazine and either add them to old 1998 blogs or make a new entry.

I was trying to come up with breakfast ideas I remember I saw there were recipes online for homemade frozen breakfast sandwiches and burritos. My mom told me to make some last week except there were no tortillas in the house or English Muffins. I figure I’ll make some test breakfasts to freeze and see if they taste horrible.

I was telling my mom about how hard tutoring was the last time I had a math class. Honestly I’m afraid to go back.

10 Movies from 1998 — February 25, 2018

10 Movies from 1998

I’m back with more things from 1998! This time it’s movies.

The Rugrats Movie


I really liked this movie. I saw it the day it premiered after school. Back when you could see a matinee at 5PM. I think it premiered the day before Thanksgiving. There was so much marketing for this movie the Burger King promotion and the M&Ms candy canisters. No Doubt did a song for the soundtrack.



I didn’t like the design of this Godzilla compared to the Japanese one.



Remember Hallie Eisenberg? She was like everywhere back then. After watching this movie whenever I go to an ATM I always think could a bird really steal from one? It was an ok movie.

Quest for Camelot


There’s Something About Mary


This movie is I liked puffy the dog. And the tanned lady when you pronounce his name as Farve-rah



I thought this movie was really funny when I was 14.

The Waterboy


It took a while to get used to when he talked with that dorky voice. There was The Big Show as Captain Insaneo

The Wedding Singer


I think this was more enjoyed by people who grew up in the 80s and remember it more than I did. Even if you were not around in the 80s it’s still a good story with 1980s esthetic.

Blues Brothers 2000


I thought this movie would be good because I liked the original. I thought this movie was ok. My dad liked the 2000 movie more than I did.



This movie was pretty boring, and honestly I don’t remember a thing about it plot wise.

10 Foods from 1998 — February 22, 2018

10 Foods from 1998

I was debating about adding a food category for my 1998 blogs. Since there were so few foods I could think of that came out in 1998. It was very hard to find pictures for 1998 foods.

Doritos 3D


I thought these were ok at first. I got a free sample at school. But they cut my mouth.

Life Savers Creme Savers

483-Lifesavers Strawberry Cream Cremesavers


maxresdefault - Copy


FCBI_05002_0032364A - Copy

My mom was a bigger fan of this candy than me. She like fruit and cream flavored things except the oatmeal.

Sour candy (fad)


Mostly the Raven’s Revenge candy. You would eat these at lunch and the teacher would ask why you had a green tongue and teeth.

Olean/olestra (fat free oils)

wowchipssept98 resized

I never ate these kind of chips I was too afraid of the side effects.

Baby Bottle Pop




My favorite were the green apple flavor ones. Weren’t those and Lollipop Paintshop essentially the same thing? I usually had left over powder so I’d put it on other types of candy (not chocolate) or vanilla ice cream.

Burger King Rodeo Cheeseburger

I think this was trying to copy the Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr. I liked this version better than the one that came out around 2014.

Life Savers Fruit Chew candies



Besides the Creme Savers Life Savers introduced another candy. I remember seeing commercials for this candy frequently during Pokémon. The commercial is pretty weird. I wanted to try it but never seemed to. I think the candy was short lived.



I think I have never eaten these before. By the time they came out I stopped taking a full lunch to school.

Eggo Waffles with calcium added


I couldn’t taste the difference.

Lunchables All Star Burgers and Hot Dogs


I enjoyed eating these for dinner instead of lunch. They tasted terrible cold. I liked the burgers better and they came with a small can of generic cola.

Set the Bar Very Low — February 21, 2018

Set the Bar Very Low

After I really thought about it there are only a few outcomes.
I pass and graduate
I fail and quit school
I fail and take statistics
I fail and take math 71 which is the next lowest level and level up to get back to college level math
I fail and take an online math class (this was a suggestion I found on the school’s website)

I still haven’t cleaned out my backpack. I did take out all the snacks so there is no food rotting in my backpack. I think I did that the night I got home after the final or the next morning. I’m so reluctant to go I still haven’t packed anything.

Maybe other people were right I should have quit school a long time ago. Like 3 years ago after I failed Poli Sci. Oh well can’t change that now can’t I? I also told myself something really stupid. That if I’m failing the class I’ll stay in there until the end. It doesn’t matter really this is my 2nd chance and now the school only gives you 2 chances to take a class before you either have to take it somewhere else or take an equivalent class. Of course if a good job comes along and I just flat out failing the class of course I’ll quit school.

My mom was telling me that when Larry Bird was a kid he would spend all afternoon shooting baskets. Good for him? Look I’m not Larry Bird.

I’ve lost my motivation for working hard a long time ago somewhere around 20 years ago. I’ll elaborate on this in another blog.  When you work on something hard people are ready to destroy it in a malicious or mind fuck way. So why bother? Now if they do usually the jokes on them because I just did some sub-par work there.

Those are the Breaks — February 16, 2018

Those are the Breaks

I’m not sure if this fad was regional but breakdancing was a big thing when I was a freshman in high school in 1998. The kids used to say how their parents were breakdancers or djs and such. Not my parents because they are old and had me old. They were not into breakdancing. What was my dad listening to in 1984? He was listening to “1984”. Metal? He doesn’t listen to breakdance music. Neither does my mom. Do my parents even know what “Planet Rock” is?

These freshmen looked like they stepped out if a music video circa 1983. Tracksuits, kangol hats, Adidas all stars, fat straight laces, rolled pants, braided hair, short socks, figural kandi necklaces. (No headbands or sweatbands through) All the popular freshmen had these. I really wanted one because they looked so cool. A cartoon figure on a necklace? Yes please! And they were socially acceptable.

I figured I could make my own. I had some pony beads laying around. But what figure could I use and of what character? Not something like this


But how did they get the figure on the necklace as a “bead”. I did not have a necklace to inspect. So I asked somebody how a figure got turned into a “bead”. This was their answer. They said you heated up a nail and used it to make a hole in the figure and turn it into a “bead”. I bought this Angelica figure to make one of these necklaces.


By the time I got this figure those necklaces were considered uncool. Nobody was really wearing them anymore. Although this Bubbles keychain would work better because it has an attachment.



Or this Dragonite necklace that used a keychain.

Here are some bracelets I found online. These are not mine I didn’t make them.

This togepi one is so cute!


I love the use of blind bag ponies.



And newer style Littlest Pet Shop.


10 More TV shows from 1988 — February 15, 2018

10 More TV shows from 1988

I noticed I’ve been posting more 1998 blogs than 1988 ones. Some of these are more television specials than series. Usually I’ve been posting the ones I have the most pictures for.

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour


Did I watch this as a child? Possibly?

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


I liked this show. I was just the right age to watch it. It’s a good show for preschoolers. I can’t remember if I had seen the theatrical cartoons before I had watched this series or not. Locally it would get time shifted because of Pac 10 football in the fall. Then in 1989 he teamed up with the Gummi Bears and had an hour long block on ABC. I remember in 3rd grade when I pretended not to watch the show to my anti television teacher, but strangely had an extensive knowledge of Pooh and his friends and the 100 Acre Woods. When we read one of his original stories in class.

Garfield and Friends


usacres - Copy (2) (1)

Garfield was so popular in the 80s with his specials and merchandise. US Acres was good too. I liked Wade the Duck. I remember I named 2 of my plush toys after characters from the show. I had a bear named Jon and a chick named Booker.

Denver the Last Dinosaur


If you want to see something that looks totally 80s watch this cartoon. When you watch it now it almost looks like a parody. The catchy theme song seems to be more remembered than the cartoon itself.

This is America Charlie Brown



This premiered on October, 21, 1988 along with Bugs vs Daffy Battle of the Music Video Stars which is mentioned later in the entry. This is the only one in the series my mom recorded for me. About 10 years ago ABC paired it up with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. ABC has edited it down to add more commercials.


The NBC talk show that ran from 1988-2001. I could not find any good pictures for this show online. I did watch this show in the late 90s sporadically then it got replaced by SCTV reruns before Last Call with Carson Daly premiered.

The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy

images (27)




I know I’ve seen a couple of episodes; The Pirate Adventure and The Ransom of Sunny Bunny Adventure. They used to edit down these cartoons and show them after kids movies if they ran short. The last 3 pictures were taken from CBS Saturday Rocks promos. It’s why they have the weird background and border.



I do remember them having a set of McDonalds toys in 1989. They were all playground themed. I had Grouchy Bear.

Robocop: The Animated Series


I think I have not seen an episode of this cartoon or the one that succeeded it 10 years later. I think it aired on Sunday mornings locally.

Mountain High Rangers


I forgot about this show. The only reason I remembered it was from 1988 was because I found a commercial for it on a tape from 1988.

Bugs vs Daffy Battle of the Music Video Stars


bugsWABBIT - Copy


Also premiering on October, 21, 1988. This was paired up with Charlie Brown. This is more of a television special, but I’m putting this on the list anyway. I love this cartoon. I’ve seen it so many times as a kid and adult I memorized the dialogue and songs. There is not much original content in this special besides the parts of Bugs and Daffy hosting their respective video channels. It was released on the Space Jam DVD. In 1989 I got a video with a copy of Yankee Doodle Daffy on it. I recognized 2 of the songs from the special. I know all the songs to that cartoon too. That has to be my favorite Daffy Duck cartoon.

Valentines Fair — February 14, 2018

Valentines Fair

So enough about me fretting about a math class. Here is a Valentines Day themed blog. I found this commercial on an old tape. I have no idea when these are from. I’ll guess the mid 2000s.

Mitsuwa Marketplace 2/8 through 2/11 Valentines Fair deals.




















The Itch is Back — February 13, 2018

The Itch is Back

I’m still stressed out about math. I’ve been having scary, wacky, stress dreams. I realized that I dropped a bad habit. It was very strange I dropped it like nothing. When I signed up for that class that my former speech teacher was teaching in July. Which is strange because I was doing the bad habit when I took his class the first time. This Sunday I realized I was subconsciously doing the bad habit again, and my psychological itch is back.

I thought talking out my problem with my parents would help. That didn’t do anything for me. I think my parents just think I’m insane or something, or that I’ve been watching too much tv again. Part of me had this sinking feeling that there is something that if I slip up one bit a whole bunch of people will make fun of me, and I can’t shake it.

There is this one person though.

They never finished college either. I think they went for a year at the most. Even if that person attempted to rack up all the credits I have now. They probably couldn’t do it.