I’m still stressed out about math. I’ve been having scary, wacky, stress dreams. I realized that I dropped a bad habit. It was very strange I dropped it like nothing. When I signed up for that class that my former speech teacher was teaching in July. Which is strange because I was doing the bad habit when I took his class the first time. This Sunday I realized I was subconsciously doing the bad habit again, and my psychological itch is back.

I thought talking out my problem with my parents would help. That didn’t do anything for me. I think my parents just think I’m insane or something, or that I’ve been watching too much tv again. Part of me had this sinking feeling that there is something that if I slip up one bit a whole bunch of people will make fun of me, and I can’t shake it.

There is this one person though.

They never finished college either. I think they went for a year at the most. Even if that person attempted to rack up all the credits I have now. They probably couldn’t do it.