I’m not sure if this fad was regional but breakdancing was a big thing when I was a freshman in high school in 1998. The kids used to say how their parents were breakdancers or djs and such. Not my parents because they are old and had me old. They were not into breakdancing. What was my dad listening to in 1984? He was listening to “1984”. Metal? He doesn’t listen to breakdance music. Neither does my mom. Do my parents even know what “Planet Rock” is?

These freshmen looked like they stepped out if a music video circa 1983. Tracksuits, kangol hats, Adidas all stars, fat straight laces, rolled pants, braided hair, short socks, figural kandi necklaces. (No headbands or sweatbands through) All the popular freshmen had these. I really wanted one because they looked so cool. A cartoon figure on a necklace? Yes please! And they were socially acceptable.

I figured I could make my own. I had some pony beads laying around. But what figure could I use and of what character? Not something like this


But how did they get the figure on the necklace as a “bead”. I did not have a necklace to inspect. So I asked somebody how a figure got turned into a “bead”. This was their answer. They said you heated up a nail and used it to make a hole in the figure and turn it into a “bead”. I bought this Angelica figure to make one of these necklaces.


By the time I got this figure those necklaces were considered uncool. Nobody was really wearing them anymore. Although this Bubbles keychain would work better because it has an attachment.



Or this Dragonite necklace that used a keychain.


Here are some bracelets I found online. These are not mine I didn’t make them.

This togepi one is so cute!


I love the use of blind bag ponies.



And newer style Littlest Pet Shop.