After I really thought about it there are only a few outcomes.
I pass and graduate
I fail and quit school
I fail and take statistics
I fail and take math 71 which is the next lowest level and level up to get back to college level math
I fail and take an online math class (this was a suggestion I found on the school’s website)

I still haven’t cleaned out my backpack. I did take out all the snacks so there is no food rotting in my backpack. I think I did that the night I got home after the final or the next morning. I’m so reluctant to go I still haven’t packed anything.

Maybe other people were right I should have quit school a long time ago. Like 3 years ago after I failed Poli Sci. Oh well can’t change that now can’t I? I also told myself something really stupid. That if I’m failing the class I’ll stay in there until the end. It doesn’t matter really this is my 2nd chance and now the school only gives you 2 chances to take a class before you either have to take it somewhere else or take an equivalent class. Of course if a good job comes along and I just flat out failing the class of course I’ll quit school.

My mom was telling me that when Larry Bird was a kid he would spend all afternoon shooting baskets. Good for him? Look I’m not Larry Bird.

I’ve lost my motivation for working hard a long time ago somewhere around 20 years ago. I’ll elaborate on this in another blog.  When you work on something hard people are ready to destroy it in a malicious or mind fuck way. So why bother? Now if they do usually the jokes on them because I just did some sub-par work there.