I was debating about adding a food category for my 1998 blogs. Since there were so few foods I could think of that came out in 1998. It was very hard to find pictures for 1998 foods.

Doritos 3D


I thought these were ok at first. I got a free sample at school. But they cut my mouth.

Life Savers Creme Savers

483-Lifesavers Strawberry Cream Cremesavers


maxresdefault - Copy


FCBI_05002_0032364A - Copy

My mom was a bigger fan of this candy than me. She like fruit and cream flavored things except the oatmeal.

Sour candy (fad)


Mostly the Raven’s Revenge candy. You would eat these at lunch and the teacher would ask why you had a green tongue and teeth.

Olean/olestra (fat free oils)

wowchipssept98 resized

I never ate these kind of chips I was too afraid of the side effects.

Baby Bottle Pop




My favorite were the green apple flavor ones. Weren’t those and Lollipop Paintshop essentially the same thing? I usually had left over powder so I’d put it on other types of candy (not chocolate) or vanilla ice cream.

Burger King Rodeo Cheeseburger


I think this was trying to copy the Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr. I liked this version better than the one that came out around 2014.

Life Savers Fruit Chew candies



Besides the Creme Savers Life Savers introduced another candy. I remember seeing commercials for this candy frequently during Pokémon. The commercial is pretty weird. I wanted to try it but never seemed to. I think the candy was short lived.



I think I have never eaten these before. By the time they came out I stopped taking a full lunch to school.

Eggo Waffles with calcium added


I couldn’t taste the difference.

Lunchables All Star Burgers and Hot Dogs


I enjoyed eating these for dinner instead of lunch. They tasted terrible cold. I liked the burgers better and they came with a small can of generic cola.