Virgin Mobile has been giving me problems. For the past 3 months I’ve been having service problems. This time was the worst yet! Well since I got my smart phone.

I went to my storage space and got some old Nickelodeon magazines from 1998. The fashion magazines were way in the back so I couldn’t get to them. ūüė¶ I’m hoping to scan more pictures from the magazine and either add them to old 1998 blogs or make a new entry.

I was trying to come up with breakfast ideas I remember I saw there were recipes online for homemade frozen breakfast sandwiches and burritos. My mom told me to make some last week except there were no tortillas in the house or English Muffins. I figure I’ll make some test breakfasts to freeze and see if they taste horrible.

I was telling my mom about how hard tutoring was the last time I had a math class. Honestly I’m afraid to go back.