So I had to go to the math tutoring center to use the book there. It took a long time to copy down all the problems. I need to save money and not waste $130-200 on a book that I’m most likely going to throw away or something. I already spent at least $100 on garbage books. I want to do this semester as cheap as possible.

There were these 2 weird people who were whispering dumb things to each other. Pretended to open a book, made fun of my phone ring tone, and then left Strange.

Except I ended up wasting my whole day at the school.

The thing that took the longest was waiting for the bus to come back home.

Even if the tutors suck again I have a new trick up my sleeve a website that shows you how to do math problems. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? the first time I took the class.

I came up with a funny new hashtag. #realwritersdontdomathhomework Ok it’s kinda long.

Kidsclick are just being plain rude! Somebody asked if Super 4 was still going to be on because they are adding a bunch of Pink Panther and Pals to stop cyber bullying.

Screenshot-2018-3-1 Kids CLICK - Home

Are they trying even harder to drive more people away from watching their block?