A Tribute to UTB Hollywood’s Programming Block — March 30, 2018

A Tribute to UTB Hollywood’s Programming Block

So UTB Hollywood’s programming block is gone forever. 😦

So think of this entry as a companion to this one.

UTB is becoming another company. Some kind of documentary company. I think they are not finishing their drama you Always Haunt my Heart. I’m not sure if they are going to air all the episodes. Are there 10 or are there more?


They put an announcement on their website but when I looked for it the message was gone. They took it down. I had to find a cached version of the website to find the message.


This is their new website.

I’m not watching those. Plus they already showed those documentaries years ago on their subchannel. I think they only have 5 of them.


Here is an old commercial for the old UTB weekend programming block from 2002.  This is not my video.

It starts at about 12:28

I found some analog footage from their analog block that ran during the morning on KSCI. There were a lot of pictures, so I will put more in another blog.




Ok so I wasn’t watching them back in 1971 because I was -13. But I do remember their programming blocks back when they aired the taiga dramas on Saturdays on KDOC. UTB predates KDOC. KDOC became a station in 1982.


UTB September 19, 1971-April 8 2018

Somewhere Between bad and Horrible — March 29, 2018

Somewhere Between bad and Horrible

Today was my first test *gulp*

Bus was extra crowded. There were no seats. I was stuck in the back.

Before I got there I went to her office to pick up something. I thought “She knows I’m here eep!😲😱”

I was so nervous I had to use the bathroom before class and I was almost late.

Now I know why she only wants a certain calculator model. If you have an unapproved one she won’t let you use it on the test. Unapproved calculators reminds me of the neopets game Imperial Exam.


That meant it took me longer because I had to use a calculator I’m unfamiliar with.

Just my luck most of what was on the test was mostly the stuff I was bad at. Only one thing I had studied appeared. I didn’t even finish filling it out. And I wasn’t the only one. There were quite a few others who didn’t. So I didn’t feel so bad. Once you get an “F” on a test there is usually no coming back from that.

So if it is an “F” I’m not going to waste my money on a calculator. On a class I’m failing. I’d be better off spending that money on lottery tickets or something.

I guess I really must start looking for work now.

Being in this class makes me feel so stupid! 😭😞😨😡😩😫

Pipe Dreams — March 27, 2018

Pipe Dreams

I wanted to write before class, but I wasn’t getting any reception in the building which is strange and annoying. Maybe I should stop trying to write 5 different things at once?

Hardly anybody came to class. Whateves that’s their problem. The problem I’m having is when I decided to quit this class the first time I just turned my mind off. This was around the time I gave up or maybe it was a little before this? And I wanna quit again now. So I’m having a hard time remembering things. The homework problems that were giving me so much trouble were so simple. I was overthinking it. Not even headdesk no headwall. Being in this class just makes me feel so stupid! Like I can’t do math at all or something.

I realized that I made 2 references to the game show Finders Keepers today it was strange.

After slaving away on math homework for 2 hours I decided to watch baseball. It was my reward. I got the idea from watching an episode of Young Sheldon. He told Missy that his snack was his reward for doing his homework. The game was cut short due to a sewage leak.
Which is funny because I was thinking about bad pipes a little while ago. When all those pipes were breaking in LA and flooding places like UCLA.

I’m not sure what to think of this.
Will Greg and Rockapella be in it? And with the iconic game show theme song? Not some weird dubstep version or something.

Miscellaneous March Blog #2 — March 23, 2018

Miscellaneous March Blog #2

I was thinking about posting one of those 1998 themed blogs until I realized that a lot of the material I have needs to be edited in one way or another. Maybe I should devote a little time to editing those.

Maybe I’ll just write about some other stuff instead.

And learning math is not included. I’m still sticking with my hashtag #realwritersdontdomathhomework

I got an email for camp nanowrimo. When I saw it I was like “fuck no”. Not because I don’t wanna do it. I just can’t with my math class eating up all my time.

I was listening to some Ben Folds Five and thinking “what if people listened to their songs and did air piano?” I’d like to see that. I’ve seen air guitar, air bass and air drums but never air piano.

Arthur cartoons really suck now. The Tough Customers have gone soft. Lydia is just annoying. Most of the episodes are remakes from earlier seasons. I give up on this show.


George, Kate and Pat — March 22, 2018

George, Kate and Pat

If you don’t recognize the names they are characters from Square One’s Mathnet segment. Maybe they can help me learn algebra.

Rain makes my dad freak out. Even though he was making fun of storm coverage yesterday.

That new labyrinth Easter Minako event is hard and confusing. The introduction of jewels is annoying. Sometimes they are a different color from the puzzle if it has only 4 colors. That piece is unusable! They just took Usagi’s head and swapped it out for hers and make the dress sleeves orange. And her background song isn’t even that good Usagi’s is better.


I still think my parents think I’m better at math than I really am. What is with me unintentionally fooling people with my math skills? There is some impostor syndrome going on there.

I noticed my boots are ripped. I did have them since 2014? I’ll need to get some new ones next year or late this one like in November. Maybe I can repair the with a glue gun or something? Glue gun rain boot hacks. They are to my chagrin Walmart quality.

I noticed the reinforced duck tape plastic zipper bag I made is separating and making my binder all sticky. I need to get rid of it because of the mess and for space.

I got a better score this time on my review sheet. 😀 I knew I would. So I have 16 out of 31 points. Which is an F. 😭 Now I’m thinking about the song “Math” by Supernova. A lot of this stuff is high school advanced math review maybe there was a reason I failed that class in high school twice! *shrugs* I think my teacher thinks I can’t solve equations. I’m a little bit offended by that! It’s not that I can’t solve equations sometimes they are hard to set up or interpret correctly. Algebra has eluded me for many years. There is just so much to memorize. @o@

If I don’t use the toilet at school I can catch the early bus. It comes around 9:50 am. Three bus lines come to the same stop at the same time. The driver told me he has to make room for all the buses. Then I said about there being 5 lines now that stop there. (There used to be 4)

The one good thing about having math in the spring semester is that I don’t have to “mandatory volunteer” at the speech competition. If this even is such a big deal for the communications department why don’t they advertise for volunteers more?

Buck the bucket list — March 21, 2018

Buck the bucket list

I thought I should re-evaluate my bucket list.

So here are some of the things I’m taking off graduating college is one of them and getting a bachelors. I’m still not sure who that goal is for anymore but its not me.

My new motto is “low threshold”. I’m aiming for things that anybody can do poorly. I’m getting older and need to change what I want to do. Now I decided for me doing things is more about being real. Or seen as a “real” something by others.

I want to be established in my secret hobby even if it meant I could never graduate college ever. Sort of like a deal with the devil type thing. Before that would have been met with resistance and a DX crotch chop. But not anymore. It seems like they were right.
Self publish a book riddled with grammatical and spelling errors; just to say I did.
Do something stupid in public [unconventional, but not a crime]
Make a website about how talented I am.

Name your Function — March 20, 2018

Name your Function

I did not not burn cheese on my breakfast this morning. 😁🐭 I let my instant coffee get cold and it tasted awful! I think I didn’t mix it right. My dad was hogging the bathroom all morning.

I found my old Zen Stone 1gb player in case my Sony one conks out. The Sony one has been acting weird since President’s day. Turning off when I play the radio. And randomly resetting itself. It doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to. The good thing is I’ve found some off brand players on Amazon for about $9-30 not including shipping. I think I paid $50 for my Sony one from Best Buy in September 2015. I need a good quality MP3 player. I’m hard on them. The funny thing is after 12 years my Zen Stone still works. What a quality product! 😃😍

Got my 2nd review sheet back with a low score. I knew it was going to be bad. There were like word problems and stuff. (Word problems have been my nemesis since the 3rd grade) That app can’t help with that. The problem I have with word problems is that I read it and have a hard time setting up the equation. 😭Plus I made a lot of little mistakes which added up. I’m still trying to remember from what I learned back when I took it the 1st time. Graph shapes are ok. I know some of that from high school.

UTB is cutting their programming down to an hour. When they first got that block after their subchannel went away I think they were only on for about 90 minutes a week on Sundays.

“Announcement of short broadcasting time from UTB.

Thank you for always watching UTB.
Starting from April as the taiga drama “Naotora The Lady Warlord” ends,
UTB will air for an hour from 7pm to 8pm.
Please continue to enjoy “You Always Haunt My Heart.”
Please visit the UTB website for detailed information.

Thank you for understanding.”

I thought are they going to show the taiga drama after “You Always Haunt My Heart” ends? UTB was so famous for showing those even back in the 80s and 90s. Then I was wondering if this has to do with people just not being interested in Japan anymore. They are more interested in Korea.

Went to the Olive Garden for my mom’s birthday. Good thing I have a morning class. I was playing with that tablet they have at the table. Then I wrote a dumb name in it. I wrote “Fart”. Yes I’m very juvenile. I played trivia games. I played music, tv, sports, and science. I even got my dad to play it. He played the sports category of course. That is a good thing if you don’t want to interact with people you are eating with. I had calamari. The calamari was good. I think I’ve had calamari before, but not from there. I forget where though. It’s good. To me it tastes like fried clams. I love fried clams! I wish I could eat them more often. Then when we read the receipt we noticed that the games cost $2. XoX @o@

I was assigned over 60 problems for homework not including all the problems I’m behind on. I realized I’m burning through my mechanical pencil lead refills and my loose leaf paper.

A Little bit Irish and a Little bit Japanese — March 17, 2018

A Little bit Irish and a Little bit Japanese

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day these were my plans for today. To have some corned beef ramen, listen to the Cranberries and watch some Pretty Cure. Ramen and Pretty Cure isn’t very Irish.

I had to have corned beef. The corned beef we got tasted horrible. It was spicy but pretty much had no flavor. It needed to be put in ramen. My favorite thing to make corned beef ramen.

Here are some Pretty Cures that fit the theme of today Cure March and Cure Rosetta.



Miscellaneous March Blog — March 16, 2018

Miscellaneous March Blog

I didn’t want to celebrate Pi Day a few days ago because I’m sick of math. I noticed I got better at my calculating skills while playing Neopets. Although I don’t do algebra on there. I’m feelin’ the pressure from my dad already. This is what I was afraid of.

I guess the CSUF game was blacked out on the radio because I couldn’t find it. I tried for 10 minutes. So I listened to it online. If my dad can hog the computer for 4 hours to listen to a Dodger game in extra innings when we still had dial up. Fuck that shit! I did get some other things done while listening to the game like math homework and some writing.They started off strong in the 1st half but really lagged in the 2nd. I imagined Tuffy the elephant crying. I wish I could have gone to the school or a bar to watch it to mingle with other CSUF Titans fans. According to the local news this is the 3rd time the team made it this far. The last time was 10 years ago. I remember because that was when I was taking that crappy science class. It had nothing to do with science all we ever did in there was math. I even wrote a myspace blog about it. And another time in the 1970s, but I wasn’t around back then.

I’m so through with the r/writing subreddit.
I did try to help people with advice there, but I guess what I say is “bad”. I guess you need to be a vomit draft who heavily outlines that never uses adverbs, kills your darlings, does not use any pop culture references or dated references, hates their own writing, hates writing in general, shows but doesn’t tell,

It’s all regurgitated parroted advice.

and let’s not forget all the “will this idea work?” posts. “If I write a story about a boy with glasses who is a wizard is this too much like Harry Potter?”

All the “I can’t write” posts. “I sat at my computer for 4 hours yesterday waiting for inspiration to happen. I had this great idea for an epic fantasy with elves, dragons and a magic pineapple. When I sat down to write it nothing came out. What should I do?”

I was so upset I decided to unsubscribe.

Remember the Time? — March 15, 2018

Remember the Time?

Disclaimer: this entry has nothing to do with Michael Jackson or his song.

People on class were talking about the new Grinch movie somebody said “the old Grinch cartoon from the 80s.” lol XD Try 20 more years than that.


Funny things you hear when you are old. 😁😅 Or maybe they were thinking the movie from 2000? Which would be even funnier. I bet my calculator is as old as they are. XD I wasn’t really paying that close attention anyway. Since math homework is eating up a lot of my time I try to get some writing in when ever I can.

I was trying to explain to my mom what those Try Not to Feel Old Videos are. I still think I’d be a bad candidate to watch one of those because I’d be calculating in my head the whole time while watching. Muttering to myself and calculating on my fingers. I’d say things like “that was popular when I was 14 that makes sense.”

Besides feeling old about cartoons and stuff I thought the CSUF vs Purdue game was today, but it is not. It’s Friday which means I can follow the whole thing at home. So I didn’t have to miss anything.