Disclaimer: this entry has nothing to do with Michael Jackson or his song.

People on class were talking about the new Grinch movie somebody said “the old Grinch cartoon from the 80s.” lol XD Try 20 more years than that.


Funny things you hear when you are old. 😁😅 Or maybe they were thinking the movie from 2000? Which would be even funnier. I bet my calculator is as old as they are. XD I wasn’t really paying that close attention anyway. Since math homework is eating up a lot of my time I try to get some writing in when ever I can.

I was trying to explain to my mom what those Try Not to Feel Old Videos are. I still think I’d be a bad candidate to watch one of those because I’d be calculating in my head the whole time while watching. Muttering to myself and calculating on my fingers. I’d say things like “that was popular when I was 14 that makes sense.”

Besides feeling old about cartoons and stuff I thought the CSUF vs Purdue game was today, but it is not. It’s Friday which means I can follow the whole thing at home. So I didn’t have to miss anything.