I didn’t want to celebrate Pi Day a few days ago because I’m sick of math. I noticed I got better at my calculating skills while playing Neopets. Although I don’t do algebra on there. I’m feelin’ the pressure from my dad already. This is what I was afraid of.

I guess the CSUF game was blacked out on the radio because I couldn’t find it. I tried for 10 minutes. So I listened to it online. If my dad can hog the computer for 4 hours to listen to a Dodger game in extra innings when we still had dial up. Fuck that shit! I did get some other things done while listening to the game like math homework and some writing.They started off strong in the 1st half but really lagged in the 2nd. I imagined Tuffy the elephant crying. I wish I could have gone to the school or a bar to watch it to mingle with other CSUF Titans fans. According to the local news this is the 3rd time the team made it this far. The last time was 10 years ago. I remember because that was when I was taking that crappy science class. It had nothing to do with science all we ever did in there was math. I even wrote a myspace blog about it. And another time in the 1970s, but I wasn’t around back then.

I’m so through with the r/writing subreddit.
I did try to help people with advice there, but I guess what I say is “bad”. I guess you need to be a vomit draft who heavily outlines that never uses adverbs, kills your darlings, does not use any pop culture references or dated references, hates their own writing, hates writing in general, shows but doesn’t tell,

It’s all regurgitated parroted advice.

and let’s not forget all the “will this idea work?” posts. “If I write a story about a boy with glasses who is a wizard is this too much like Harry Potter?”

All the “I can’t write” posts. “I sat at my computer for 4 hours yesterday waiting for inspiration to happen. I had this great idea for an epic fantasy with elves, dragons and a magic pineapple. When I sat down to write it nothing came out. What should I do?”

I was so upset I decided to unsubscribe.