I did not not burn cheese on my breakfast this morning. 😁🐭 I let my instant coffee get cold and it tasted awful! I think I didn’t mix it right. My dad was hogging the bathroom all morning.

I found my old Zen Stone 1gb player in case my Sony one conks out. The Sony one has been acting weird since President’s day. Turning off when I play the radio. And randomly resetting itself. It doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to. The good thing is I’ve found some off brand players on Amazon for about $9-30 not including shipping. I think I paid $50 for my Sony one from Best Buy in September 2015. I need a good quality MP3 player. I’m hard on them. The funny thing is after 12 years my Zen Stone still works. What a quality product! 😃😍

Got my 2nd review sheet back with a low score. I knew it was going to be bad. There were like word problems and stuff. (Word problems have been my nemesis since the 3rd grade) That app can’t help with that. The problem I have with word problems is that I read it and have a hard time setting up the equation. 😭Plus I made a lot of little mistakes which added up. I’m still trying to remember from what I learned back when I took it the 1st time. Graph shapes are ok. I know some of that from high school.

UTB is cutting their programming down to an hour. When they first got that block after their subchannel went away I think they were only on for about 90 minutes a week on Sundays.

“Announcement of short broadcasting time from UTB.

Thank you for always watching UTB.
Starting from April as the taiga drama “Naotora The Lady Warlord” ends,
UTB will air for an hour from 7pm to 8pm.
Please continue to enjoy “You Always Haunt My Heart.”
Please visit the UTB website for detailed information.

Thank you for understanding.”

I thought are they going to show the taiga drama after “You Always Haunt My Heart” ends? UTB was so famous for showing those even back in the 80s and 90s. Then I was wondering if this has to do with people just not being interested in Japan anymore. They are more interested in Korea.

Went to the Olive Garden for my mom’s birthday. Good thing I have a morning class. I was playing with that tablet they have at the table. Then I wrote a dumb name in it. I wrote “Fart”. Yes I’m very juvenile. I played trivia games. I played music, tv, sports, and science. I even got my dad to play it. He played the sports category of course. That is a good thing if you don’t want to interact with people you are eating with. I had calamari. The calamari was good. I think I’ve had calamari before, but not from there. I forget where though. It’s good. To me it tastes like fried clams. I love fried clams! I wish I could eat them more often. Then when we read the receipt we noticed that the games cost $2. XoX @o@

I was assigned over 60 problems for homework not including all the problems I’m behind on. I realized I’m burning through my mechanical pencil lead refills and my loose leaf paper.