I thought I should re-evaluate my bucket list.

So here are some of the things I’m taking off graduating college is one of them and getting a bachelors. I’m still not sure who that goal is for anymore but its not me.

My new motto is “low threshold”. I’m aiming for things that anybody can do poorly. I’m getting older and need to change what I want to do. Now I decided for me doing things is more about being real. Or seen as a “real” something by others.

I want to be established in my secret hobby even if it meant I could never graduate college ever. Sort of like a deal with the devil type thing. Before that would have been met with resistance and a DX crotch chop. But not anymore. It seems like they were right.
Self publish a book riddled with grammatical and spelling errors; just to say I did.
Do something stupid in public [unconventional, but not a crime]
Make a website about how talented I am.