If you don’t recognize the names they are characters from Square One’s Mathnet segment. Maybe they can help me learn algebra.

Rain makes my dad freak out. Even though he was making fun of storm coverage yesterday.

That new labyrinth Easter Minako event is hard and confusing. The introduction of jewels is annoying. Sometimes they are a different color from the puzzle if it has only 4 colors. That piece is unusable! They just took Usagi’s head and swapped it out for hers and make the dress sleeves orange. And her background song isn’t even that good Usagi’s is better.


I still think my parents think I’m better at math than I really am. What is with me unintentionally fooling people with my math skills? There is some impostor syndrome going on there.

I noticed my boots are ripped. I did have them since 2014? I’ll need to get some new ones next year or late this one like in November. Maybe I can repair the with a glue gun or something? Glue gun rain boot hacks. They are to my chagrin Walmart quality.

I noticed the reinforced duck tape plastic zipper bag I made is separating and making my binder all sticky. I need to get rid of it because of the mess and for space.

I got a better score this time on my review sheet. 😀 I knew I would. So I have 16 out of 31 points. Which is an F. 😭 Now I’m thinking about the song “Math” by Supernova. A lot of this stuff is high school advanced math review maybe there was a reason I failed that class in high school twice! *shrugs* I think my teacher thinks I can’t solve equations. I’m a little bit offended by that! It’s not that I can’t solve equations sometimes they are hard to set up or interpret correctly. Algebra has eluded me for many years. There is just so much to memorize. @o@

If I don’t use the toilet at school I can catch the early bus. It comes around 9:50 am. Three bus lines come to the same stop at the same time. The driver told me he has to make room for all the buses. Then I said about there being 5 lines now that stop there. (There used to be 4)

The one good thing about having math in the spring semester is that I don’t have to “mandatory volunteer” at the speech competition. If this even is such a big deal for the communications department why don’t they advertise for volunteers more?