I was thinking about posting one of those 1998 themed blogs until I realized that a lot of the material I have needs to be edited in one way or another. Maybe I should devote a little time to editing those.

Maybe I’ll just write about some other stuff instead.

And learning math is not included. I’m still sticking with my hashtag #realwritersdontdomathhomework

I got an email for camp nanowrimo. When I saw it I was like “fuck no”. Not because I don’t wanna do it. I just can’t with my math class eating up all my time.

I was listening to some Ben Folds Five and thinking “what if people listened to their songs and did air piano?” I’d like to see that. I’ve seen air guitar, air bass and air drums but never air piano.

Arthur cartoons really suck now. The Tough Customers have gone soft. Lydia is just annoying. Most of the episodes are remakes from earlier seasons. I give up on this show.