Hot Tempered and Neurotic — March 13, 2018

Hot Tempered and Neurotic

I’ve been trying to be more cool, calm and collected. I find it is not really working. I feel like a Ramune bottle.

000677930-1 - Copy

I was singing the Beat The Clock theme while cooking my breakfast. The 1952/3 version. I keep over melting my cheese almost burned my breakfast again.

Perhaps the time change helped weed out more people for these early morning classes. Every year standard time gets shorter and shorter. I’m surprised they don’t run it from late November until late January or early February. (I shouldn’t post this it will give people ideas)

I realized I’ve become too dependent on that math app I found. Too bad it does not work on word problems 😥 and my “smart” dad can’t help. 😅

Maybe I should watch The Biggest Little Ticket again. Maybe that troll from the movie can help teach me algebra and Rockapella too. With Scott in a vest. And how to drive a car while they are at it.

I noticed that girl who rides the bus with that weirdly decorated backpack is in my class. Shows how observant I am. I noticed somebody else in class has a TI-30Xa model calculator.

I dropped my binder in class, and like everybody noticed. It was so embarrassing. I forgot the name of what that is when you think everybody is looking at you in a bad way. The Spotlight effect.

Its hard to remember math things I learned in high school 20 years ago. Very hard. Some stuff is from “Curse 2” and some is from pre-calculus.

I found this article about Purdue and CSUF.

Purdue is in Indiana. Tuffy is the mascot because of the polo matches. Who is famous that went to Purdue? Drew Breez? Astronauts? Hermain Cain and the A-Team’s George Peppard.
CSUF? Besides Gwen Stefani who didn’t graduate. And that dodger, Justin Turner and Marc Cherry [which was brought up when I went there] Mark Kostobi [art teacher made a big deal about this guy] Danielle Fisher mostly baseball people because it is a baseball school.

The bus broke down on the ride back. Like 2 stops past the school. I could tell something was wrong it was riding rough. It reminded me of when I rode the bus to meet that local weatherman. Signs you know a bus might break down is; it is riding rough, the driver keeps having to restart it after every stop, and it shuts off randomly. Got a free ride on another line. All the way to a shopping center. Too bad I don’t live where I used to live. I was trying to remember what that other bus line intersects with. Stuck on a bus with a crazy impatient lady. While I was waiting for the next bus I got some writing done. It took so long to get back home My Sailor Moon Drops lives were almost fully charged by the time I got home and they take 2 hours to recharge.

My dad was bragging about how he used to be in math completions when he was in junior high. Don’t my parents know/remember I was never in one of those. They know I’m good at geography.

The thing that is so frustrating about my homework is there is just so much calculating and doing all the calculations is annoying and tedious.

The last of my UTB Screen Caps — March 12, 2018

The last of my UTB Screen Caps

Like the title says these are the very last of my UTB screen caps. I’ve combed all my videos and DVDs and this was the last bit of footage I found of UTB 18.2. I went a little crazy making screen caps.


These screencaps are from early 2010
Jiro Shirasu ran from (01/09/10 – 02/13/10)
Some screen caps from the Lupin 77 theme song. Lupin 77 ran on UTB after the Lupin 71 finished up.








Screen caps for a commercial for the j-drama My Sister which ran from (01/03/10 – 03/14/10)








A commercial for The Japan Film Festival of 2010.



A commercial for Musicians Institute with Ray Luzier. UTB used to show these commercials all the time along with Theater of Arts and EI School of Professional Makeup.




I found the whole commercial for on Vimeo. (not my upload)

I found another Musicians Institute one on Vimeo with Justin Derrico.

I don’t have any EI commercials. But I found one on youtube.


I love this Lupin eye catch.

And part of the Love Squall ending.



The Last Bits of my UTB Screen Caps — March 11, 2018

The Last Bits of my UTB Screen Caps

Like the title says these are the last bits of my UTB screen caps. The entry was going to have more screencaps, but there were way too many so I’ll put those in another entry.


After some research I realized this schedule is from late 2009 because Tenchijin ran from (02/07/09 – 01/02/10) and the Lupin 71 theme song is on this footage I found. Lupin 71 ran on UTB from (Nov 11 – Dec 11 2009 10-10:30pm (5 days/Mon-Fri) For some reason I always liked this scene in the opening of Fujiko dancing with the picture of fruit in the background. And I found part of some commercial. Does anybody know what this says? Besides UTB. I tried to get my phone to translate it and it said “independent production program”. Is that correct?









These Erin screencaps are from late 2011. They were recorded along with the Detective Conan screencaps I posted a while ago. They were with some commercials that I posted a while ago.




erin lesson 15

I threw in this Sugoi Life commercial for nostalgic purposes this is not my video I did not upload it. The physical location closed down years ago. I never did get to go there.

Goodbye Toys and Accessories — March 9, 2018

Goodbye Toys and Accessories

I heard Claire’s is filing for bankruptcy.

Now where am I going to find $1 scrunchies. I mean I could buy them online, but buying a scrunchie for $1 and paying $5 shipping is not really worth it. A lot of the stuff at the store was really over priced. Especially things you could get somewhere else like Shopkins. There are only so many fur covered diaries and glitter suspenders you can sell. I have many memories from shopping there. From buying some holographic barrettes in circa 1997 to getting my ears pierced there in 2000. Something I used to do was go look at the stuff there at the store and then go and find the cheaper knockoff versions at the indoor swap meet. I still shop there occasionally. I guess nobody is in the market for overpriced tween and teen accessories anymore.

I was saving these magazine scans for my 1998 themed blog and I may repost them there too. I feel they encapture 1998 so well in them. Look at the clothes, the shoes, the accessories.

clairesjuly98 001 - Copy

clairesoct98 001 - Copy

I also heard that Toys R US may be closing all their stores. They used to have a Claire’s section there too.

My math book came in the mail today. My dad still wants to “help” with math. Ugh. 😖😵😰 I think he thinks he’s better at math than he thinks he is.

The Internet is your Math Buddy — March 8, 2018

The Internet is your Math Buddy

I keep hearing all this buzz about A Wrinkle in Time the movie. I thought the book wasn’t that great. I found the book to be weird and anti climatic. The teacher who picked it was weird too, but not in a good way and hid her weirdness well by being a bossy jock. Jockette? Actually that could be it’s own blog entry.

Took the stairs and was out of breath. I should stop doing that until I build up resistance.

I realized that I didn’t add any new songs to my MP3 player this semester. I’m not sure what to add. Maybe some 90s dance music or some new wave? I know “Math” by Supernova.

She told us to work with a buddy the internet is your buddy. Well it’s a lot more helpful than my dad. The teacher said that we should be spending 8 hours a week on homework. If you are a decent math student. Not sure if I’m decent. Passable at best. That is one day of a full time job. Eight hours? No way I spend 8 hours more like 16-20. She said she teaches this class at the university. If I remember correctly this class is a step above remedial university math. It’s a 100 class which means its freshman level.

When I thought about it and read through my old diaries from 20 years ago I lamented about hating math. Somethings don’t change. Do they?

Stupid² (squared) — March 6, 2018

Stupid² (squared)

The day started off bad. I couldn’t get any sleep. I think i got 3 hours. I skipped neopets to get more sleep. I didn’t want to get up. Almost burned my breakfast and mom got up late because I forgot to wake her up.

I was trying to explain imaginary numbers to my mom. I thought I was going to be late. Bus was late and crowded as usual.

The binder is helping I guess? Trying to make math interesting to me is like putting lipstick on a pig. Somethings I wish I was better at acting and math. What a combo. 😰😣 Now if only I can get better at math and work on my fics.

I thought if math doesn’t pan out I could apply for a job. So I did through an agency. My application was promptly rejected. But they couldn’t explain why. According to them I cannot apply for a job with them until 6 months from now. That employment agency can kiss my ass.

Math Homework! — March 5, 2018

Math Homework!

The problem is it just takes me so long to just do one problem. And the teacher said it takes time to do these problems. I feel I’m a little slow with math. Even when I was younger and doing easier math. The answers are complicated and ugly and makes me want to scream “I hate math homework!”

I finally finished up my world Halloween fic. I posted it on tumblr and
Now off to work on my winter themed story which by my calculations will be done in June or July.

I did get a binder for math class. A 1 1/2 inch one that I’m going to put trading cards in when the semester is over. Which reminds me I need to get more plastic card sleeves. I won’t put a boring title on it. With : my name, class name, professor name, time, subject, course, number, room number, and building.

Ex:Milly Diaz
Math 198
Prof. Geenan
Mon and Wed 8AM-10:20AM
Advanced Trigonometry
section #48250
room 502
building 71-A

Or write the subject of the class in glitter like Sue Heck did.


Dr. Fad — March 3, 2018

Dr. Fad

There was one 1988 show I left off my list and that show is Dr. Fad. Which was a game show about children inventors.

Here is Dr. Fad himself who brought Wacky Wall Walkers to the USA. You can read more about him and the toys online.



I think locally they showed it at like 6AM on Saturday mornings. I never watched it as a kid. I did watch a few episodes I found on youtube. But there is another reason I’m mentioning the show. Dr. Fad important start for a familiar game show host Greg Lee.

(Here is a more recent picture of him)


Before Maxxed Out, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Double Dare, Flips chocolate covered pretzel commercials, or even Total Panic he worked on this show. He worked on Dr. Fad off camera. As audience warm up. According to his 90s Youth Life and Old School Lane interviews. I was almost going to leave this show off the list. 😖

9 shows from 1988 — March 2, 2018

9 shows from 1988

This is my last batch of tv show from 1988 that’s why there is only 9 shows. I think I’ve seen most of these on the list.

Straight Up


Ok I’ve seen this willingly more than a few times. Actually this is where I got the idea for some of the weapons for some of my characters in a story I’m working on because who doesn’t need magic sunglasses? I always sort of liked the personified drugs. Why was there no tobacco character? I wonder what Meth would look like? I guess Ecstasy would be like a raver type person. Why doesn’t anybody notice that those kids are drinking in a video store? They are really underage. I would rather watch this than cartoon all stars to the rescue. Which I had to watch against my will twice at school.

You can watch it on youtube in these 3 parts.

The Wonder Years


I watched this show for a few seasons, but never watched the whole series.



Like the Wonder Years I watched this show for a few seasons, but never watched the whole series.

Wipeout with Tomarken (not to be confused with that other game show of the same name)

This is on my “maybe I watched this” list.

TV 101


I didn’t even remember this show. I only did because I found a promo for it during some CBS Christmas specials that my mom taped for me.

Superman cartoon


Empty Nest


Another show from the “maybe I watched this” list.

China Beach


I never watched an episode of China Beach.

Murphy Brown


I think I saw an episode or 2 of this show in syndication.

The Panther and the Whale — March 1, 2018

The Panther and the Whale

There were no seats on the bus so i stuck sitting next to some girl “sleeping” with her arms crossed.Nothing like an elbow in your side on the ride over. It was fun. I really hope it thins out. At school and on the bus. I almost got lost finding the place I memorized the room number wrong again. Not as cold as Tuesday.  Still cold though. 😞 Not as lost as before as I was the first time. Still lost tho. It was ok because I still remember some things from the first time I took the class. So as of now I look smart. I thought about George Costanza and the whale. My nose kept running all through class. It was really cold in the room for some reason?

I read a story online about the bad quality of life in California. I do want to point out that when I was in school K-12 the public school system was rated 51st in the country. They included DC. Then I remember when they were so proud they brought it up to 47th place.

I can go to Iowa or North Dakota or Minnesota. I’ll trade my sunshine for better living conditions. The last time I wanted to move somewhere they got hit by a hurricane; Houston. Or am I destined to be stuck and miserable in California? After I read it I looked around the room and thought “You are all here miserable with me.”

I should try to Pomodoro some math. The real problem with math is that it just takes me so long to do the problems.

I feel sick or something. I feel hot, my throat hurts, and in the morning my breakfast tasted like nothing.

Kidsclick is pretending that a bunch of people like Pink Panther and Pals. It reminds me of when 4kids stacked the deck against Mew Mew Power and pretended F-Zero was more popular. They are taking off the Rai dub (Cinélume) of Winx Club. The voices did take some adjusting. Tecna was Francine from Arthur! That show just can’t get a break in the US. 😦 But it is kinda a good thing because I couldn’t watch it while I was in class. I was hoping they would at least get to season 3. They took off a bunch of shows I watch like Scarry Larry. They say they have episodes on their website, but they are already the ones they showed on tv. I already seen all the season one episodes of Super 4 and Ladybug now. Their excuse is “hey we are a new block just figuring things out.” I wonder how long they will use that excuse? One year? Two years? Three years? Nah they won’t last that long. From their Facebook page. “We are still a fairly new network and we get many inquiries on a daily basis. That being said, we share your sentiments for Winx Club and are sad to see it go We were hoping that more people would have tuned in every day to watch. The explanation is that not enough people were watching the show and we have to make room for new shows on the block!” Their app is a joke too. Hey they set the bar really really low. They make 4kids look good and that is saying a lot.

I’ve been having problems with amazon too I tried to rent a book on there and email customer service said I could, but when I called the helpline they said I couldn’t What the Hell amazon!?