I found out Kidsclick are showing season 2 episodes of Super 4 now. Too bad it is on at 6am. 😞 I left the tv and Dinosaur King was on. It was the episode “Planes, Trains, and Dinosaurs”. Then I remembered how boring Dinosaur King was.

I wanted to get there early to ask about a question on the homework I solved in a different way. I wanted to see the teacher during her office hours. I thought something was up when I saw a notice on her office door saying she would not have office hours this week. Which was kinda suspicious. :/

I was just really anxious too if I failed the test or not. When I get to the room there are about 3 people waiting outside. I have a sinking feeling that I should have checked my email yesterday? Today? So I waited and got some writing I’m trying to squeeze that in when I can. Then somebody comes by and posts a cancellation sign on the door. Somebody who had her before says this is not like her. I don’t know her I’ve only been on this class for a month. I signed the sheet in pencil (I should have used pen) and left to go wait for the bus.

When I was walking towards the bus stop I found 2 shiny pennies one face up and one face down. I was gone for such a small time span my Sailor Moon Drops lives were not fully reloaded.

I don’t connect my school email to my phone. I use a different email for my phone. When I got home I checked my school email. I see there is an email from 18 hours ago saying something about emergency surgery. It didn’t say if it was her or somebody else. Well somebody had to have emergency surgery.

Matt wrote this great article about WPIX.