So was stressed out about my math quiz. Not a test. Same thing still makes me nervous. I’m not fooled by renaming it.

I was goofing off online writing, and stayed up late because I was on a roll. Which I really shouldn’t do especially when I have a test 5 hours later.

My dad accidentally woke me up a half hour early. I made sure to drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning. I had been falling asleep in class I needed to be awake for the test.

When I get to school I have about 10-15 minutes to burn so I decided to see what was going on in the class. Because the teacher said on Tuesday that she was going to go over problems and stuff and answer questions. I didn’t even bring my writing notebook with me. When I got there there was some girl sitting my seat. I’ve never seen her before and some other girl with teal hair who was sitting in somebody else’s seat. Who I know is not in my class. I’d remember somebody with teal hair.

So I just sat in a random empty seat in the front of the room. When she was done going over problems I walked up to the teacher to tell her something. Another girl walked up to her and complained that somebody took her seat. She didn’t know either of us were there in class. Which is kinda sad when you think about it.

I had to use the bathroom the teacher did too. I’m not creepy and following her. She asked me if I knew who those 2 girl were. I said I’ve never seen them before. So we both assumed they were from the later class. Then we were talking about them and they were there in the hallway waiting for an elevator. They heard everything. It was sort of funny at the time. It’s the nearest bathroom on that floor. She asked how I feel about the quiz. Then I got real quiet. Do you really wanna know what I think? And how could I phrase it without sounding like an anti math rant? I wasn’t sure how to reply to that, so I just made a stammering noise.

I did my toilet business and got back to class.

The test was hard. The problem I have with the problems is that they are very tedious and I tend to second guess myself. I tend to be slow at math in general.  I didn’t finish it. 😫😥

So I have 2 theories of how they got there either they over heard what she told my class at the end of class or they have friends in the first class who told them to go. That’s all I got never mind… 🙄

I celebrated that test was over by listening to music. I can’t use alcohol because I need all my mental capacity to do my math homework.

After I got home I started looking for work.

Laff is going to show a Night Court marathon in Anderson’s memory on Saturday.