My dad woke me up a half hour too early again. 😖

I put some more songs in my MP3 player. It’s nice to listen to something new on the rides to and from school.

Got back my test. It was a higher “F” than before, but still an “F”. If I can’t complete college level math that means I cant graduate. I’m feeling very type 4 (enneagram) right now. You know um…defective. :/ I’m stupid, but not that stupid. I know when I’ve been defeated by math or should I say clobbered? I felt like this 😫😰😥 I think it’s pretty doomed I had to try and keep my composure to prevent myself from crying in class. I may have almost been tearing up, but I’m not sure. She was telling us that you should drop the class if you know it is mathematically impossible. I would, but I already did the 1st time I after I failed my first test. I crunched the numbers I’d have to up my grade by 300% which mathematically impossible. This is my second chance and I have no more for this class.

But I got a great idea for a story.

I heard this song and it made me think of somebody who was very important to me and then just dropped out of my life. It made me think about somebody from my past. Then I thought about how my life fell apart in 2008 and I got really sad. 😖

I was thinking if my love of sad songs is a reflection of my personality. And should I be listening to happier music?

When I was 15 and getting a bad grade in math in high school in math I punished myself by not watching music videos. When I got home I thought  “I’m gonna enjoy myself. I’m not a stupid overly studious 15 year girl trying to punish herself for getting a bad math grade.” So I watched some old DVDs of Are-oh-vee.

I realized a bottle of water spilled in my backpack. It wasn’t much but some things were in the backpack were wet. Good thing it wasn’t soda.

One of my neighbors wrote “Coachella” on their car window in window paint stuff. It was so funny.

I guess there is always statistics next semester. *shrugs*