I was going to have some cool pun song title for this entry, but I could not think of anything good.

I’ve been listening to synthpop lately. I thought it was “whimsical” for me, but incredibly pedestrian. At first it started when I was listening to it as research for my 1988 song blog. (I should really post that soon) I started to listen to Depeche Mode among other synthpop artists I was listening to.

They are that group my older cousins listen to. The ones who didn’t listen to metal. I used to think they were some strange 80s group that had songs about sex and religion. I was a 12 year girl and a song prude. I’m not anymore. I think I stopped at 15.

I started listening in secret. While my parents catch me watching some strange music video with clowns in it. The first video of theirs I ever saw was “Enjoy the Silence”. It has the look of an old film the color is over saturated. I thought the video was older than it was. At first I didn’t understand the concept of it. Dave is wearing a shirt in that video. Then “Just Can’t get Enough”, “People are People”, and “Dream On”. I have to say in many of their music videos he’s shirtless.

I was in school jr high and high school between “Ultra” and “Exciter”. I was never a fan of the song “Dream On”. The fans at school were snobby and fawned over Dave.

But to me it’s not about Dave. It’s about Martin’s song writing. Those songs are so emotionally driven. Rumor he is INFP. So if he really is that would make sense. I think “Shake the Disease” and “Stripped” are real INFP songs. I know a lot of people think “Stripped” is a real pervy song, but I don’t I think it is about being vulnerable.

There were some snobby Cure fans at school too. They were what the art students listened to. If they weren’t listening to Korn, crust punk or rap music. I used to bring my Beck CDs to pander to the teacher who was a Beck fan.

I know they have a huge catalog and I’ve barely scratched the surface. But the songs of theirs I really like are the ones about emotional vulnerability.