When I try to do my math homework. I talk to it and tell it how much I hate it. Then I tried to put things into perspective at least I’m not stuck in job club. I think was exhibiting the 5 stages of grief over the class.

Shouldn’t you be sad? Just a little?

I’m trying to figure out how to be a happier person.

Where are all these people having such good luck?

Finding retired people who just happen to be getting rid of what you need?
And just getting jobs like nothing? Supposedly these people walk into a store or something with no knowledge of the place hiring like an ad or a sign outside and then just automatically get a job. Or maybe these things are just as fake as the people that write them.

Sometimes I do stupid unhealthy mental things like sitting and wishing I was talented/more talented or more creative. Especially when I see things are in the words of young Sheldon Cooper “a celebration of mediocrity”

It doesn’t help that I’ve been listening some people for about 3 years or so about being in college. And I still at the moment think it is just a roadblock to get me to where I want to be.