The year 1998 was a big year for me. I was graduating the 8th grade and going into high school. Which people seemed to make more of a big deal of than it is. (But all the fuss about being a high school freshman is the subject for another blog). I can get very nostalgic for 1998 music wise. Which I mentioned in my 1988 song blog entry. When I started to compile this list I was just going off the top of my head and then I went through my old Are-oh-vee videos and lists of songs I wrote back then as inspiration.

1. Hole – “Celebrity Skin”

This song along with “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” and “The Dope Show” all came out at around the same time. Those 3 songs remind me of being a scared apprehensive freshman who wore knockoff creepers that hurt my feet. But they looked really stylish. That is not a very pleasant memory of high school is it?

2. Hole – “Malibu”

3. “One Week”- Barenaked Ladies

I think I can still sing all the lyrics to this song from memory. I know a lot of people don’t even know the name of this song and call it “The Chinese Chicken song”. Plus it has that lyric about Sailor Moon in it.

4. “It’s All Been Done” – Barenaked Ladies

5. “Private Helicopter” – Harvey Danger

I like this song a lot more than “Flagpole Sitta”. It reminds me of somebody from my past.

6. “Flagpole Sitta” – Harvey Danger (couldn’t find official video)

Another song people can never remember the name of well it doesn’t appear in the song. Even when it came out people used to call it “the Paranoia song” or “I’m not Sick but I’m not Well”. Poor Harvey Danger nobody seems to remember them.

7. “I Think I’m Paranoid” – Garbage

8. “Push It” – Garbage

9. “Special” – Garbage

One of my favorite Garbage music videos.

10. “Save Tonight” – Eagle Eye Cherry

Back when we got a Jack FM station in LA back in 2005 for some reason they used to play this song a lot along with “Ghost Town” by the Specials. Which is not a 90s song. When my mom would hear that song on Jack FM she used to ask me why she would think about a hobo. It took me a while to think about what she was trying to tell me until I remembered I used to watch this music video a lot, and I realized she associated the song with the music video.