Are the Numbers the Only Imaginary Thing Here? — April 17, 2018

Are the Numbers the Only Imaginary Thing Here?

I’m always telling myself before class about how boring class can be. Well class got a little interesting as much as a math class can.

The girl behind me asked for a pencil. She saw my bag of pens. First she asked for a pencil then she asked for a pen. So I gave her one. She gave it back at the end of class.

Saw some strange things. At first I thought was just tired, but I’m pretty sure I really saw it. Later I saw a guy who sits next to me who sits behind this girl was combing her hair. Running his fingers through it. They know each other. I think? He did it again during break. 😓(it was weird watching it like a scene out of an anime or something)

I realized my math problems per day are like word quotas. But I just wanna get math out of the way.
So I can do other things.

I watched a few episodes of Night Court this afternoon in Harry’s honor. Including the episode “Presumed Insolvent” which is the one where Phil dies. I hope Laff does a tribute marathon.

All Rise one Last Time — April 16, 2018

All Rise one Last Time

I was going to post another decade blog, but then Harry Anderson died. 😭 I was very sad when I read it on my phone.

I had been writing about Night Court for another (non-blog) writing project. I had been watching it again for research purposes or just giving myself an excuse to watch it.

I remember reading this funny story about him and his girlfriend at the time who was missing a finger and he would use her in his magic acts because of the missing finger. It was to work with what you have or don’t have. It was some advice I took with me to my last communications class.

Here is a confession I have to make I wanted to meet Anderson. Not that is was a “bucket list” thing, but it would have been nice.

Here he is in an old telephone exchange commercial.

10 Toys from 1988 (part 2) — April 15, 2018

10 Toys from 1988 (part 2)

I haven’t posted a “decade” blog in over a month. This is another toy one. more toys from 1988. This list is mostly girls’ toys.

Cool Times Barbie





I never owned this Barbie. Mattel went a little overboard with the food theme. I didn’t have the snack time play set, but I did have one that was released a year or so earlier. It didn’t have the pinball machine or jukebox. It did have the bar and soda dispenser machine. It looks like this play set was used in the picture on the above note the pinball machine and jukebox.

Summer Wing pony


c75c51f346fe83d04648fea7b4466cf3 - Copy

These are the successor to Flutter Ponies with sturdier wings. I did not own one of these ponies.

Watercolor seapony



A pony I actually owned as a child. I had Seawinkle. These are very unique compared to the other sea ponies. They have different hair. It had a strange texture I think it also changed color in the water. When it got hot enough in the summer the pony would change color without being in the water. It got moldy so my mom made me throw it away around 1994-ish. I did save the ring float though.

Maxie dolls 1st year


Never owned a Maxie doll. I heard she could wear Barbie’s clothes, but not her shoes. Maxie had flat feet. I do remember her cartoon series.
Cherry Merry Muffin 1st year



cmm 7a

Another doll line I did not own as a child. I think I did not own many scented toys as a child. They were cute and had a cute concept and I did want them.
PJ Sparkles


I didn’t have this doll either. I have the companion doll Starbrite Sparkles that came out a few years later. I do remember her cartoon show/special/pilot.

Bouncin’ Babies


I thought these were cute and wanted them. They had some spinoff lines including Boucin’ Kids, Ponies, and Princess.

Magic Message ponies

IMG_6899 magic hat

Another pony I didn’t own. I heard now a lot of them are wrecked because of age. It was a neat little concept. The ponies relied on gimmicks towards the end of the line.

Shark Attack game 



I had this game. My little cousin liked it so much about 8 years later he got a copy of the game for his birthday. I remember mentioning that they kept the 1980s picture of the kids playing it on the back of the box.
Now You’re Cooking (Hasbro)

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4fe51194cf7e6b92ec4533104b714a5d - Copy


Like I mentioned in my previous 1988 toy blog I was not into cooking related toys back then unless it was fake food like Fisher Price cakes.

The Math Elephant — April 12, 2018

The Math Elephant

The title makes no sense, but I’ve letting this potential blog title marinate for a few days at least a week. It relates to the “How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite.” quote/saying? Its something they tell the hobbyists (of my secret hobby) especially the new ones. It’s only because you seemingly need to buy a lot of stuff to get started. After I thought about it I don’t agree with it regarding the hobby. But its perfect for math take it one bite at a time or one problem at a time. It helps me take the coursework in context. Another thing I tell myself is that once I get this pesky math out of the way. I can focus on hobby things and give them more attention.

The homework was hard I stayed up until past 3AM working on it. Some of those problems were really hard.

I had this really strange dream that gave me a story idea.

My dad gave me a ride to school. On the way over there he was getting mad that his car vibrates. Of course his car vibrates its a 95 Buick. @o@

This morning I got to school early enough to talk to the teacher. When I got there I saw there were 2 other students working on the homework. Who I didn’t recognize they might be from my class I don’t know/remember. All she told me was to study my bad test. She had me sit down and work on the homework. I was feeling somewhat confident with what I was turning in (thank you internet math app thing) except the problem with imaginary numbers. (imaginary numbers are so annoying) Then the other teacher she shares the office with came in. It was getting crowded in there so I decided to leave, and I really had to use the bathroom. I joked I’d see her in 10 minutes. Well at least she didn’t tell me that she couldn’t understand why I was in this level of math. *phew!* 😅 I concentrate so hard in there or try to. I come off as bland. Math class is not really a class where you have to show off your personality like a communications class.

The worse thing is I keep getting writing ideas when I’m supposed to be taking lecture notes. It’s so annoying. Especially when they are ones that help with writer’s block.

It’s easier when you are just taking down what is being dictated during a lecture (non-math) You can hide the writing within the notes. It looks strange among the math problems.

We learned some new graphs. Those graphs are hard. I think we touched down on those in high school. Maybe?

I got some inspirational correspondence later in the day. Just what needed too. 😃 It was very funny and my mom wanted to know what I was reading and why it was so funny. Like I was gonna tell her.

Procrastination City — April 11, 2018

Procrastination City

I keep trying to do my math homework, but I keep procrastinating. I felt like those writers who complain that they are going to write and they end up cleaning their house or something.

Every time I try and do my math homework I end up falling asleep.

I haven’t even been blogging that much besides writing about my math class, and save for a few blogs talking about UTB.

Unanswerable Questions — April 10, 2018

Unanswerable Questions

Its refreshing to see new episodes of Super 4. Twinkle is still so funny.

The insoles I got are too puffy. And the arch support is in the wrong place. That’s what get for buying insoles on clearance.

I think dad has lost faith in me passing the class. And I’m fine with it.

The bus was really late and crowded as usual. I sat next to “K-pop backpack girl” from my math class. I still have no idea what her name is. Then I realized I don’t know anybody else’s name in the class besides the teacher. I gave them strange nicknames like “girl with hamster backpack” and “girl that eats cereal before class”. Since the bus was so late I didn’t get to meet with the teacher before class. I’ll have to do that on Thurs. I was a little disappointed about that. 😦

The floor is sticky where I sit because somebody spilled a drink. So I was bad and put my backpack on the seat in front of me. (nobody sits there) The teacher wore a dress had nice shoes.

I was falling asleep in class. It feels like a nightmarish/dreamlike state. Math makes me sleepy. It feels like the old days back in high school. I’m wearing a Pokemon shirt. Makes me think of junior year. 🤔

Then she tells the that the school has changed how people can get into math and English classes. If they feel they were misplaced they can use their high school transcripts. I’m good with English. I’m at college level. I took that class during my first semester at CSUF. You know my classes are all messed up. My high school transcripts were destroyed in sometime around 2003 or 2004. Which was like 2 years after I graduated. That district didn’t mess around. I’m not miss matched just rusty in math. If this had been around at my old school I could have not been stuck in remedial math for 1 year (2 semesters) that I didn’t need. There’s nothing I can do. I can’t fix this. Just my luck! >o< With this new system you can take a math class and a extra one to help if you don’t understand. It doesn’t matter with this class because I’m already on my 2nd chance. You only get 2 chances to take a class now. It used to be 3 but they changed it. I asked my teacher if she knew anything about college transcripts. She told me she wasn’t sure and to go to go to some building. When I got there I saw there was a charging station, but there was no power in it. It reminded me of this anime I saw where there was a house with a fake wall outlet. When I finally found the office that deals with this I asked about college transcripts. They were brief with me. My question was not really answered. I was just handed a paper and I was on my way. More unanswerable questions. Not the hard ones either.

When my dad came home from work. I was sorely mistaken. He wants me to tell the teacher some nonsense. He used this strategy when I was failing math in either my junior or senior year. I’m not falling for that again. Even though that was about 17 years ago. I remember and I’m not that stupid.

Going Gone — April 8, 2018

Going Gone

It would have been ok except I kept getting bothered while I was trying to watch the show.

So that’s it UTB as we know it is gone for good.

Like the fallen Japanese programming blocks before them;


Asahi Homecast,


FCI, and Magicbell. Those last two exist as far cry from their former selves. (feel free to mention if I’ve missed another local Japanese programing block.)

There is pretty much no more Japanese programming for free on tv locally. It’s not just the programming it was the commercials too. Ok most of them were for Japanese foodstuffs. It was something different watching programming like that.

Here are a few commercials for old times sake. Including that Fairydrops one. XD

NHK World is ok, but most of the programming is in English for an English speaking audience even if it does come from NHK.

I found this article from a few days ago.

It’s about the history of UTB. About how their programming first started airing on KWHY. Which is now a Spanish language channel. The stations KDOC and KSCI  (who aired UTB at one time or another) didn’t exist yet. I found this interesting; “Beginning May 6, the Sunday evening broadcasts will revert to one hour of airtime, with a drama series from Japan to be determined. For the time being, JHN will continue on Channel 18.” So does that mean they’ll show another drama? Perhaps the Taiga drama? And come late 2018 they might still be able to show the 2019 Red and White Festival.

I did a bit more research and found out that the jhollywood website had been registered on March 16 2018.

Algebra Curse — April 5, 2018

Algebra Curse

I couldn’t find my phone in the bed and slept in 25 minutes. So I quickly threw together a breakfast. I watched a Super 4 episode about being cursed. 😝. I only got to see 1 cartoon. 😦

When I got on the bus I tripped over somebody’s foot in the bus. The guy was a stretched out on a seat on the front of the bus. There were no seats so I got stuck in a bad one.

All I wanna know is if I failed or not. So I can plan appropriately.

Asked her about the question I made a chart for to guess. (this was the question I wanted to ask on Tuesday) I did effectively solve the problem through guessing. Now I have to redo it using algebra. Those math shows for children lied to me!

Pulverized muffins. Yummy. Those muffins have been in my backpack for at least a week or so.

When I got my test back it was an “F” like I predicted. I felt like Usagi. I thought about that line from the Supers dub when Rini says bigger grade bigger slice of pie.



Once I saw the “F” I didn’t need to see the percentage. Or I didn’t wanna look at it.

She said if your test “talk to me” you should *gulp* I’m waiting for her to say what my previous teacher said how did you end up in here?

Later I looked at the percentage it was an Usagi grade. X0X

3 Minute Cooking screen caps — April 4, 2018

3 Minute Cooking screen caps

So by chance I happened to find bits and pieces of UTB’s morning block back on KSCI’s analog channel. These are from the early to mid 2000s. I used to record Chibi Maruko Chan in the morning. So I would catch the tail end of their programming block.

Here are some 3 Minute Cooking screen caps.









Cancellation Failure — April 3, 2018

Cancellation Failure

I found out Kidsclick are showing season 2 episodes of Super 4 now. Too bad it is on at 6am. 😞 I left the tv and Dinosaur King was on. It was the episode “Planes, Trains, and Dinosaurs”. Then I remembered how boring Dinosaur King was.

I wanted to get there early to ask about a question on the homework I solved in a different way. I wanted to see the teacher during her office hours. I thought something was up when I saw a notice on her office door saying she would not have office hours this week. Which was kinda suspicious. :/

I was just really anxious too if I failed the test or not. When I get to the room there are about 3 people waiting outside. I have a sinking feeling that I should have checked my email yesterday? Today? So I waited and got some writing I’m trying to squeeze that in when I can. Then somebody comes by and posts a cancellation sign on the door. Somebody who had her before says this is not like her. I don’t know her I’ve only been on this class for a month. I signed the sheet in pencil (I should have used pen) and left to go wait for the bus.

When I was walking towards the bus stop I found 2 shiny pennies one face up and one face down. I was gone for such a small time span my Sailor Moon Drops lives were not fully reloaded.

I don’t connect my school email to my phone. I use a different email for my phone. When I got home I checked my school email. I see there is an email from 18 hours ago saying something about emergency surgery. It didn’t say if it was her or somebody else. Well somebody had to have emergency surgery.

Matt wrote this great article about WPIX.