Get Down With your Boring Self — May 31, 2018

Get Down With your Boring Self

I took the long weekend off from my writing project. It really just needed some guidance and now it is almost finished and I’m so happy. Now I’ve taken on another writing project simultaneously.

When my mom questioned why I wanted to be whimsical in the first place. And what was I really trying to accomplish with that? I just wanna improve. And who doesn’t wanna improve? I don’t want to be so boring. I find that when I take the time to actually be myself my creative output is usually very high. Even if the results are not desirable by society. So I can tell myself “welcome back”. Of course I can stand to be a better person; more cheerful, more grateful, happier, and less frustrated. “Altruism” that word crops up a lot in my writing recently. I do think I could stand to be more of that. I feel I need to be more enthusiastic about life. Maybe I don’t smile enough? Maybe I have lost my sense of wonder? I would hate to have lost my sense of wonder. That’s one of my favorite qualities I possess. (not to sound arrogant here)

So I played my mom “Photographic” and she hated it. Not that I thought she would like synth music.

The DVD I mistakenly ordered came yesterday and I sent it back today. Now I still have no Fathers’ Day present. 🙁

I finally emailed the counselor saying I wanted to major in mass media. All he told me was to make an appointment. I wouldn’t want to do that now. It’s crazy time there now. School is out in like 2 weeks. I thought about how much my life changed in one month.

I have a job interview tomorrow so wish me luck or something. It’s at the mall and what else is at that mall? A Hot Topic. And that is the place to buy stuff to look like a poser. Including Depeche Mode merchandise. I’m trying to up my cred since at the moment I have none to very little. Understand Me! (ok that was in bad taste 😝)


Seriously who wrote this description? It’s laughable. Who referrers to Fletch as Andy? Unless you are listing their names. The funniest part is where is says “classic rock”.

Fast Fandom — May 30, 2018

Fast Fandom

Joining any new fandom has its highs and lows. But now with the internet things can get out of hand really fast. You just access to so much information in a short period of time. And when you really think about it that’s kinda scary.

I have a bunch of pictures of Martin Gore saved in my computer. I need help!

Then I started thinking how could I dress like a Depeche Mode fan while not looking like I’m bordering on Black Hole/Raiders fan? Actually that would be a really funny combo both are really popular in LA still. If I did I think my dad would be into me dressing like I stepped out of the Black Hole. Would a leather hat clash with an eye patch?

More like a fashion blunder. 😳

Relics From My Teenage Years — May 29, 2018

Relics From My Teenage Years

So I was looking for something in my storage space and I took out some of my old “manuscripts”? I’m not really sure what to call those, “writings”? They are funny to read in an embarrassing way, but not cringe worthy. But after I read some of them I realized if I really worked on some of them they could be usable or at least parts of them would be. I would have been no older than 15 when I wrote those.

I used to keep them in these beat up old binders. The purple one was really beat up. There is a tracing of Molly from Sailor Moon (yes I’m using dub names) on frosted tape. I used this sticker. It also says “I ♥ No Doubt” and “No Doubt rules!”

20180529_145243 - Copy


20180529_145333 - Copy

The other binder has this faint drawing of pikachu with balloons. Taken from this sticker.

20180529_145906 - Copy


Going to Toys R Us — May 25, 2018

Going to Toys R Us

Like many others have written this is a Toys R Us tribute blog entry.

Toys R Us is having their liquidation sales which would have been great for me. But I have no money and/or space to buy some toys.

If there was one thing I really wanted there it would have been this retro looking reusable shopping bag.


custom-grocery-bags-toyr-r-us - Copy

I have very fond memories of living near a Toys R Us for 7 years. It was a place to take relatives who came to visit. It gave us something to do. I would like to go there for every season. To see the stock of Halloween costumes. All the Christmas stuff. Outdoor spring and summer toys, and all the models of outdoor toys they would place outside the store like swing sets and plastic play houses. My childhood location was turned into a Levitz then it was vacant for a while now it is a UFC Gym. That location closed sometime in the mid 90s. It moved to the next city over by the mall. When I moved back to the area I used to shop at that Toys R Us. I remember buying Power Rangers toys there and Sailor Moon videos.

According to my mom that location had been there since the 1970s that she remembers. Here is a picture of the old sign. It was really tall so you could see it from the freeway. (this is not my picture)


The store looked like this. (not a picture of that location)


An old ad for Southern California Toys R Us locations. Note the Rosemead location is not listed. Was probably not built yet.

ToysRus Southern California

Old Toys "R" Us Sign

This is a picture of the old Anaheim location’s sign.

This ad from 1986 lists the Rosemead location.

And a message board post about the Levitz that replaced the Toys R Us.


Goodbye Math — May 24, 2018

Goodbye Math

So I finally mailed my math book back to amazon. I didn’t realize the postage was paid in the price of the rental. I haven’t taken math in like a month now? I had been meaning to mail back that book for weeks. Since my dad was on vacation with was like the 2nd week of May, but I didn’t want him bothering me when I tried to send it back.

Recently I started throwing out my old math notes. Perhaps taking the class 2 times is 2 times too many. It’s not that I didn’t want to I think I just got lazy and too focused on my current writing project. I didn’t realize how much there was of them. Pages and pages of homework and old notes.

It was funny earlier in the week when my mom asked me if I was going to shower to get ready to go to school the next day. I was like “I haven’t gone to school in a month.”

Depressed Teens and Germans — May 23, 2018

Depressed Teens and Germans

For some reason I like to read the blogs of other amateur writers. There is some sick fascination with reading them. For some reason a lot of them come off as pretentious. Maybe I do too I’m not sure I would like to think I’m not. Usually they are written by female authors or authors who identify as female. They pretty much all read the same there are entry upon entry of them lamenting about how much they hate writing. If you hate it so much then why are you doing it? Or the “I have no ideas” entry. Or the “my way of writing is the best way of writing” entry. Ok I’m guilty of writing those sometimes. Or the I wrote 7000k words in 30 seconds people.

I was trying to buy something else online (non amazon related), but I had some money left over. I ordered my first Depeche Mode album “A Broken Frame” was the cheapest one of theirs I could find on amazon.

I was trying to buy 2 different things off amazon. I was trying to order my dad a DVD. But I accidentally got a region 2 DVD. The strange thing was it didn’t say it was not region 1 until after I placed my order. I want him to watch that DVD and not have it for collectors purposes. It was like something Frankie would do in The Middle like when she bought that German DVD of White Christmas. Now I’m having a hard time trying to return it. I can really Heck it up buying a Fathers’ Day gift off amazon. 😵😓

“A Broken Frame” is not for my dad. Like he would listen to something like that. *scoffs*

Speaking of The Middle the finale wasn’t that bad. Way better than Seinfeld was. A few months ago I read an article where Patricia Heaton said that she wanted the show to end with the characters in the future and show how their lives turned out. So I kinda knew about that spoiler.

My cell data was out for 3 hours. This keeps happening to me! It’s so frustrating >o< Like at least once a week. When I called to ask about the problem they gave me the run around as usual. 😡 I complained to them and said "Why does this happen almost every week?"

Optimistic Eyes are Paradise — May 22, 2018

Optimistic Eyes are Paradise

Depeche Mode are playing a show at the Pond tonight. And if I was there I would not be posting this blog. :/ I thought since I’m a new fan I didn’t deserve to see them live. And well I’m broke. 😥I did enter a contest, but I didn’t win. 😫 I was thinking I was like story about the dog who ate the bone. There was this abused dog. It found a bone and ate all it could from the bone. Then a man noticed the dog and left scraps out for it. The dog is too prideful so it continues to eat the bone eventually the dog dies of starvation.

I had the same problem with No Doubt. Well without what happened with me and No Doubt I would not have wanted to write a story about that. That was a nudge to my perspective writing career. But I don’t feel like writing about that much aside from this blog entry.

After I thought about it I think I have/had an Exotic tour shirt that a relative gave to me. I don’t know what happened to it. It was really tiny and could fit a prepubescent tween.

Listening to their music I feel it’s kind of naughty and forbidden and in a way highly pedestrian. Especially in LA. I’m not somebody from a small town in Wisconsin who got offended because my neighbors thought I had tacky interior decorating skills. If I did move to Wisconsin and somebody told me that I’d probably reply with something that isn’t very nice and tell them to leave my house.

I realized I’ve only been listening to them for about 2 months and I’m in deep. Are they really that good? I’ve caught myself playing “air synth”.

It was like somebody took my innermost feelings put them into words and then wrote a song about them. Some of those songs give me the feels. That’s what I had been trying to say before but I was having a hard time putting it into words.

Some of their songs are just “bangers” or is it “bops”? Do those 2 words mean the same thing? Isn’t that what the youngins are saying now a days? I don’t know I heard people say that in an internet video. 🤔

And some of them are more mind blowing. I can see why the they are such a much admired/loved cult band.

Something seemed very familiar about their music and watching their music videos. Like deja vu. Great now I’m throwing more French words into the blog.

I decided I’m going to keep listening to their music and embrace my inner darkness and stop trying to deny the part if my personality that likes sad music. I can offset that with my love for kawaii things. 💖🦄

Here is a picture of Dave Gahan singing holding a chicken. Why did I post this pic? Because I think it’s hilarious! 😛

I think Martin Gore looks more uncomfortable with his chicken. 😝

Another Miscellaneous May Blog — May 20, 2018

Another Miscellaneous May Blog

I didn’t watch much of the royal wedding. In my time zone coverage started at 1AM I’m usually up at the time anyway. I wasn’t really into it, but my dad was up for some reason and he would not stop talking over it. Then when he left the room I fell asleep watching it and woke up around 4AM.

I was more interested watching horse racing later in the day.

My neighbor finally cleaned off the “Coachella” window paint off their car windows. Wasn’t that like a month ago?

I found the next anime series I’m going to watch; Wedding Peach.


1998 As Seen On Tv Products — May 18, 2018

1998 As Seen On Tv Products

Ok so I’m going with a little different approach and talking about as seen on tv products. I will be mentioning products that were not marketed as toys.

The Red Devil Grill

With an infomercial starring Nick and Mimi who were later known for their Magic Bullet infomercials. These were later recalled.


Did you know/remember this came out in 1998?

Consumer’s Auto Connection


I still have no idea what this product is.

These commercials were both shown during Pokemon a lot.

First Generation: Virgin XXV Years



Now That’s What I Call Music! #1 in the USA.




The Wikipedia article explains it better than I could.

While I waited in anticipation to watch Are-oh-vee I would frequently see these products advertised.







It seems like the motorized successor of the Shiwala that came out a few years earlier.



Igia Cellulift



Banned From Television







Remember this was before the days of youtube. For some reason they showed this so much that there were 2 different commercials with 2 different phone numbers.

Jerry Springer Too Hot For TV



I remember the kids at school bragging about how they watched this video.

America’s Funniest Home Videos Uncensored


I found the commercial on a tape with other things recorded in 1998. Although IMDB says this video came out in 2000.

Sweet Simplicity

If you are looking for Marvin’s Magic Drawing Board that is mentioned in this entry about toys.

This is not an as seen on tv product, but this place used to run infomercials locally and they are still in business.


Here is their yelp page.

Even When They’re Nuts? — May 17, 2018

Even When They’re Nuts?

I’m still having trouble editing my current writing project. I get ready to do it. Then I end up watching internet videos for 3 hours. I’m so embarrassed! 😖😵😓

I think they are really desperate they have posted 3 ads in the past 2 weeks on Craigslist. When I went in to fill out an application and I was told about their operations. They seemed a little sexist. They way the lady addressed me. She just assumed because I’m female I like children. I told them nothing of the kind. I think people should stop assuming that all women like children. Because I don’t. I mentioned this in an old entry. Why has this happened to me 5 different times with 5 different people? Including today. But I’m willing to ignore it because I need money and the location is close to where I live; like walking distance.