There is this person comes off as such a goody goody. She doesn’t seem to come off as somebody who has “bad feelings”. Is she a robot of happiness or something. Its kinda strange and creepy in a way. I would like to do something big, something important, something important for the world, but then i go back to my selfish thoughts. I’m just sad angry and frustrated. Maybe I’m not as good as I think I am or I want to be? Good as do gooder not in proficiency terms.

My dad is still a horrible driver in his old age not that he was that much better when he was younger. Driving erratically while trying to kill a bug. 😑 I think he wants to get a lot done during his vacation soon. But he probably won’t. Then he was complaining about the music on the radio again. I keep telling him to get an MP3 player or something like it. He wants to make digital files of the songs off his records. He doesn’t have a record player with a USB port (which he thinks he doesn’t need to convert records to digital files)

In class today I told myself I was not going to be goofing off by writing or doing other things. I can’t believe that my old calculator and working backwards actually works better than those newer fancier models.  It was really or people don’t know how to use brackets. On the homework the teacher added some extra credit questions. I thought “like those 3 points are really going to make a difference for me.”

Some guy asked for 65 cents at the bus stop, and I didn’t give it to him. The altruistic part of me would have, but the mean rational greedy part of my mind didn’t. I think I need to stop reading about all these helpful people from small towns. Big city life is impersonal and lonely sometimes, but also very private if you want it to be.

Tried to repair my boots with a hot glue gun. Lets how that turns out. I really thought it would stop raining by now here. Its already May.

I wonder if I could pass off “Black Celebration” to my dad off as a metal album if he never hears it? Anyway he told me he hates electronic music.