After my last 1998 entry I thought I post another 1998 songs blog.

1. “You Get What You Give” – New Radicals

Was this like their one hit?

2. “Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears

A guilty pleasure song of mine. I really liked their outfits in the video. Not so much the school girl one, but that one with the sweatpants and the blue shoes.

3.”Pretty Fly For a White Guy” – The Offspring

Like I mentioned before this song and “Celebrity Skin” remind me of becoming a freshman. The white guy’s outfit just screams “1998!”. I remember at school I used to imitate the guy’s bad dancing.

4. Save Ferris – “The World is New”

One of my favorite ska bands at the time along with Reel Big Fish.

5. The Cardigans – “My Favourite Game”

I heard it was banned from MTV.

6. Squirrel Nut Zippers – “The Suits are Picking up the Bill” (could not find official video)

This song is good, but I don’t like it as much as “Hell”.

7. Cake – “Never There”

I didn’t really like this song as much as “The Distance” when I first heard it, but I think I like it more now.

8. Korn – Got The Life

This is one of my favorite Korn songs if not my absolute favorite Korn song.

9. Fatboy Slim – “Gangster Trippin”

I’ll admit I really liked watching the items explode.

10. Fatboy Slim – “The Rockafeller Skank”

Footage of this video was used in the opening of Are-oh-vee in 1998.