Depeche Mode are playing a show at the Pond tonight. And if I was there I would not be posting this blog. :/ I thought since I’m a new fan I didn’t deserve to see them live. And well I’m broke. 😥I did enter a contest, but I didn’t win. 😫 I was thinking I was like story about the dog who ate the bone. There was this abused dog. It found a bone and ate all it could from the bone. Then a man noticed the dog and left scraps out for it. The dog is too prideful so it continues to eat the bone eventually the dog dies of starvation.

I had the same problem with No Doubt. Well without what happened with me and No Doubt I would not have wanted to write a story about that. That was a nudge to my perspective writing career. But I don’t feel like writing about that much aside from this blog entry.

After I thought about it I think I have/had an Exotic tour shirt that a relative gave to me. I don’t know what happened to it. It was really tiny and could fit a prepubescent tween.

Listening to their music I feel it’s kind of naughty and forbidden and in a way highly pedestrian. Especially in LA. I’m not somebody from a small town in Wisconsin who got offended because my neighbors thought I had tacky interior decorating skills. If I did move to Wisconsin and somebody told me that I’d probably reply with something that isn’t very nice and tell them to leave my house.

I realized I’ve only been listening to them for about 2 months and I’m in deep. Are they really that good? I’ve caught myself playing “air synth”.

It was like somebody took my innermost feelings put them into words and then wrote a song about them. Some of those songs give me the feels. That’s what I had been trying to say before but I was having a hard time putting it into words.

Some of their songs are just “bangers” or is it “bops”? Do those 2 words mean the same thing? Isn’t that what the youngins are saying now a days? I don’t know I heard people say that in an internet video. 🤔

And some of them are more mind blowing. I can see why the they are such a much admired/loved cult band.

Something seemed very familiar about their music and watching their music videos. Like deja vu. Great now I’m throwing more French words into the blog.

I decided I’m going to keep listening to their music and embrace my inner darkness and stop trying to deny the part if my personality that likes sad music. I can offset that with my love for kawaii things. 💖🦄

Here is a picture of Dave Gahan singing holding a chicken. Why did I post this pic? Because I think it’s hilarious! 😛

I think Martin Gore looks more uncomfortable with his chicken. 😝