For some reason I like to read the blogs of other amateur writers. There is some sick fascination with reading them. For some reason a lot of them come off as pretentious. Maybe I do too I’m not sure I would like to think I’m not. Usually they are written by female authors or authors who identify as female. They pretty much all read the same there are entry upon entry of them lamenting about how much they hate writing. If you hate it so much then why are you doing it? Or the “I have no ideas” entry. Or the “my way of writing is the best way of writing” entry. Ok I’m guilty of writing those sometimes. Or the I wrote 7000k words in 30 seconds people.

I was trying to buy something else online (non amazon related), but I had some money left over. I ordered my first Depeche Mode album “A Broken Frame” was the cheapest one of theirs I could find on amazon.

I was trying to buy 2 different things off amazon. I was trying to order my dad a DVD. But I accidentally got a region 2 DVD. The strange thing was it didn’t say it was not region 1 until after I placed my order. I want him to watch that DVD and not have it for collectors purposes. It was like something Frankie would do in The Middle like when she bought that German DVD of White Christmas. Now I’m having a hard time trying to return it. I can really Heck it up buying a Fathers’ Day gift off amazon. 😵😓

“A Broken Frame” is not for my dad. Like he would listen to something like that. *scoffs*

Speaking of The Middle the finale wasn’t that bad. Way better than Seinfeld was. A few months ago I read an article where Patricia Heaton said that she wanted the show to end with the characters in the future and show how their lives turned out. So I kinda knew about that spoiler.

My cell data was out for 3 hours. This keeps happening to me! It’s so frustrating >o< Like at least once a week. When I called to ask about the problem they gave me the run around as usual. 😡 I complained to them and said "Why does this happen almost every week?"