Like many others have written this is a Toys R Us tribute blog entry.

Toys R Us is having their liquidation sales which would have been great for me. But I have no money and/or space to buy some toys.

If there was one thing I really wanted there it would have been this retro looking reusable shopping bag.


custom-grocery-bags-toyr-r-us - Copy

I have very fond memories of living near a Toys R Us for 7 years. It was a place to take relatives who came to visit. It gave us something to do. I would like to go there for every season. To see the stock of Halloween costumes. All the Christmas stuff. Outdoor spring and summer toys, and all the models of outdoor toys they would place outside the store like swing sets and plastic play houses. My childhood location was turned into a Levitz then it was vacant for a while now it is a UFC Gym. That location closed sometime in the mid 90s. It moved to the next city over by the mall. When I moved back to the area I used to shop at that Toys R Us. I remember buying Power Rangers toys there and Sailor Moon videos.

According to my mom that location had been there since the 1970s that she remembers. Here is a picture of the old sign. It was really tall so you could see it from the freeway. (this is not my picture)


The store looked like this. (not a picture of that location)


An old ad for Southern California Toys R Us locations. Note the Rosemead location is not listed. Was probably not built yet.

ToysRus Southern California

Old Toys "R" Us Sign

This is a picture of the old Anaheim location’s sign.

This ad from 1986 lists the Rosemead location.

And a message board post about the Levitz that replaced the Toys R Us.