So I was looking for something in my storage space and I took out some of my old “manuscripts”? I’m not really sure what to call those, “writings”? They are funny to read in an embarrassing way, but not cringe worthy. But after I read some of them I realized if I really worked on some of them they could be usable or at least parts of them would be. I would have been no older than 15 when I wrote those.

I used to keep them in these beat up old binders. The purple one was really beat up. There is a tracing of Molly from Sailor Moon (yes I’m using dub names) on frosted tape. I used this sticker. It also says “I ♥ No Doubt” and “No Doubt rules!”

20180529_145243 - Copy


20180529_145333 - Copy

The other binder has this faint drawing of pikachu with balloons. Taken from this sticker.

20180529_145906 - Copy