I took the long weekend off from my writing project. It really just needed some guidance and now it is almost finished and I’m so happy. Now I’ve taken on another writing project simultaneously.

When my mom questioned why I wanted to be whimsical in the first place. And what was I really trying to accomplish with that? I just wanna improve. And who doesn’t wanna improve? I don’t want to be so boring. I find that when I take the time to actually be myself my creative output is usually very high. Even if the results are not desirable by society. So I can tell myself “welcome back”. Of course I can stand to be a better person; more cheerful, more grateful, happier, and less frustrated. “Altruism” that word crops up a lot in my writing recently. I do think I could stand to be more of that. I feel I need to be more enthusiastic about life. Maybe I don’t smile enough? Maybe I have lost my sense of wonder? I would hate to have lost my sense of wonder. That’s one of my favorite qualities I possess. (not to sound arrogant here)

So I played my mom “Photographic” and she hated it. Not that I thought she would like synth music.

The DVD I mistakenly ordered came yesterday and I sent it back today. Now I still have no Fathers’ Day present. 🙁

I finally emailed the counselor saying I wanted to major in mass media. All he told me was to make an appointment. I wouldn’t want to do that now. It’s crazy time there now. School is out in like 2 weeks. I thought about how much my life changed in one month.

I have a job interview tomorrow so wish me luck or something. It’s at the mall and what else is at that mall? A Hot Topic. And that is the place to buy stuff to look like a poser. Including Depeche Mode merchandise. I’m trying to up my cred since at the moment I have none to very little. Understand Me! (ok that was in bad taste 😝)


Seriously who wrote this description? It’s laughable. Who referrers to Fletch as Andy? Unless you are listing their names. The funniest part is where is says “classic rock”.