Even More Songs From 1998 — June 30, 2018

Even More Songs From 1998

First let’s wish Usagi a happy birthday!


They mention this all the time in the Sailor Moon Drops game.

Hey remember the 90s? I sound like Goatboy from those skits. I feel like writing another song blog. So here are even more songs from 1998 and I’m still keeping it at 10 songs. For some reason this list is heavy on cover songs.

1. Josie – Blink-182

I love this music video for some unexplained reason. Maybe because I thought it reminded me of my high school or something. Or my massive crush on Mark Hoppus? Oh yeah and Alyssa Milano is in the video too.

2. More Today than Yesterday – Goldfinger

A cover of the Spiral Staircase song. the music video is pretty much Goldfinger in a blimp with scenes from The Waterboy movie.

3. Father of Mine – Everclear

4. My Hero – Foo fighters

5. Zoot Suit Riot – Cherry Poppin Daddies

6. Brown Derby Jump – Cherry Poppin Daddies

Nothing says 1998 like the neo-swing revival movement. Even I was into it. Cherry Poppin Daddies got lumped in with all those other neo-swing artists at the time like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squirrel nut Zippers. I want the donut covered car in the “Brown Derby Jump” video.

7. Road Rash – Mad Caddies

Brings back memories of the 3rd wave ska surgence, and when I first watched Are-oh-vee. Oh the nostalgia!

8. Why Can’t We Be Friends – Smash Mouth

I like this version better than the War one.

9. Can’t Get Enough of you Baby – Smash Mouth

Another song Smash Mouth covered. I didn’t know it was a cover until I researched it.

10. Monster Magnet – Space Lord

Pathways of Doubt — June 29, 2018

Pathways of Doubt

I really don’t want to I feel I don’t know pressured to complete it. 🤔 My dad wants me to keep going to college, but my heart is not in it. Then I thought why do I really go. I think the real answer may be fear. The fear that there is nothing else out there for me. I thought about being on the right path, and if I’m taking the wrong major if I want to use it for personal gain. I didn’t major in communications to help people; well you know it was a fluke thing. I’m one of the most unexpected communications students you’ll meet I guess *shrugs* I speak poorly and I’m not talkative. Not all of them are loud and talkative I’d say about 15% are not of the ones I’ve met over the years.

The school botched counseling appointment for the 11th. They said they made me an appointment, but they can’t help me because that is the week of registration. Why don’t that have something that flags that before they make the appointments?! 😖 The counseling office there is a joke. I’ve had a few problems with them. They are very unprofessional. The students who book the appointments. They told me I could get an earlier date, but all they had open were crappy times. Like 8AM and 5PM. Nobody wants those that’s why they are open! Now I can’t get the Slurpee there. 😥I wrote down my new appointment time in my notes for my album review. Why do they use the same number as the school warning system? I keep ignoring the phone number by accident. 😕😑

Found my World Cup pogs finally. 😝 I’m pretty sure I had more of these, but these were the ones I found in the box. And this light slammer that did noting. I keep them in this Moon Dreamers box that I decorated with stickers.

20180629_204734 - Copy

20180629_204653 - Copy

20180629_205019 - Copy

I threw in some other pogs I found with them. Power Rangers (bootleg and official ones) I think the X-Men ones came with packages of Hi-C.

I found some comics I made a few years ago when I was toying with the idea of running a comic strip. But now that I think about it they might work better written in prose format stories instead.

Kidsclick is leaving thistv. After 1 year. On July 1st they will go back to their regular programming. But they will still be on the TBD channel.

After reading about Matt’s diary when he was 14. I have been going through mine from 1998 to get ideas for my 1998 themed blogs. It’s still hard to believe that I was 14 years old 20 years ago. I was thumbing through a diary I wrote when I was 14 going on 15. It was from the winter of 98 through spring 99. I found a 3 page summary of a No Doubt music video. 😝And there were so many entries about watching episodes of Are-oh-vee. (and that show only came on once a week at that time) And me impulse shopping at the Hot Topic. There was one entry where I said that I wanted a Sailor Moon locket toy for my birthday. Of course I’m not going to post any entries here.

Since Toys R Us closed their last remaining stores today I wanted to post this old Toys R Us bag I found in my storage space. I have no idea which era it is from I’m guessing the 90s, but I’m not sure.

20180530_155252 - Copy

“Music for the Masses” review 📢📣 — June 28, 2018

“Music for the Masses” review 📢📣

20180627_235203 - Copy

“See the stars they’re shining bright
Everything’s alright tonight.”

This is probably the most artsy photograph you are ever going to see me post. It’s this or flocked animal figures having a picnic. Look out Anton Corbijn and Brian Griffin! (the photographer and not the dog from Family Guy)

#itakephotographicpictures (a bit of “Speak & Spell” humor for you) 😝


(A screen cap from the music video)

There are no pictures of the band members in the liner notes. Which I found kind of odd. It has a light colored cover which is good for signing. The cover is depicted in an ironic fashion.

It’s a good solid album. I think this is their 2nd most quintessential album after “Violator”. Of course this is the album they were touring in support for their famous 101 concert at the Rose Bowl.

Little 15
At first I thought this song was about a lady who was having an affair with a 15 year old, but apparently it’s about a mother and her son. It’s a very sad song. And the music video is rather confusing. It was supposed to be a hit in France, but wasn’t.

“Agent Orange”
It has a very 80s feel to it. I know it’s from the 80s.

“I Want you Now”
I guess it is supposed to be erotic sounding? I love when people say about how great Dave’s singing is on the song. Except this is a song Martin sings lead on. Unless one can imitate the singing voice of the other. That is a real talent. I like the live version better.

When I first heard this song I thought it was scary. It is very ominous sounding. But after I watched the music video it was not as scary. You should watch it. Martin is playing the piano like a shed or something and the other members knock it down.

There are so many versions and mixes of this song. I think I remember hearing this version from the album on the local radio more than the other version.

“The Things you Said”
When I first heard this song it really spoke to me. I’m not really sure why though.

One of my fave songs of theirs ever. I feel it describes my life in a way.

I got a Canadian edition shipped from Germany. (number #6 on the list) Those Germans do enjoy their Depeche Mode. It’s a 1987 edition CD I didn’t see any other copyright date on it. It also has some strange CD care instructions on it. I guess because CDs were so new at the time.

Miscellaneous June Blog — June 27, 2018

Miscellaneous June Blog

Have I written one for June yet? June 2018?

To me summer is a very depressing time. The heat and stuff really gets to me now. I live where it is warm so I really don’t get depressed in the winter. Somehow I ended up watching some kind of inspirational video about your life falling apart. Sometimes you don’t get out of it. Or you come out worse. Watching things like this gets me very angry and discouraged and very tempted to punch my computer monitor. Then why am I watching it? 🤔

I was thinking about how I used to really like the song “Closer to the Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars. And when your life is falling apart around you and you feel “bad”, “evil”, or “defective”. Nobody operates on absolutes. I’m not going to be one of those people who gives horrible bland advice. Or something that makes no sense. It bothers me and would try not to do that to somebody else. I just want to tell anybody who happens to read this that I have been there before. I have had those thoughts consume my mind. I just never really talked about it. I come from the old school where you don’t talk about those kind of things. So when I was suffering I didn’t want to say publicly in my blog. And it’s not that I don’t have them anymore or that I’m “cured” they still come to me just not as frequently or as intense. I’m not going to pretend I have answers for you or anything like that. The only thing I can really say is you are not alone.

I went to the school to pay the fees for what I owe now; I need to pay for them when I register. Got a course catalogue for fall 2018. If I don’t need another class besides math I won’t take it. Math is a given. I got a counseling appointment for July 11th. Hey wait I can get my free Slurpee that day. 😃 (there is a 7-11 near the school)

Looked in the course catalogue to see what my former speech teacher was teaching next semester. He isn’t teaching a class I need. 😔 I’ll look up who these people are on rate my prof. I really don’t want to take debate. 😥 (their reviews were mixed) XoX @o@

My copy of “Music for the Masses” came today. 😍😄📢 That was something good. It wasn’t supposed to come until early July. It get its own review entry. Which one should I buy next? Black Celebration? Violator? Delta Machine?

All I Want to do is see You — June 26, 2018

All I Want to do is see You

So I get a message back from the seller supposedly according to them my CD was “lost in delivery”. I don’t believe that! I refuse to! I was scammed! Now I’m going to have to buy another copy. So I guess that will not be my first Depeche Mode album 😕
*head desk*
Fingers crossed the next CD I order actually comes. Which is another one of theirs but I’m not saying which one yet. (And I ordered it from another 3rd party seller) I should do what my dad did with a car dealership (that in his mind screwed him over), and end all my phone calls telling people not shop there, but with the company I scammed by.

Well at least I won’t have an embarrassing first album story to tell one of the members if I happen to meet one of them. I could just imagine the scenario; (name of member) you know my first album of yours was “A Broken Frame”. They aren’t too fond of that album now a days.

Someone online said Dave Gahan looks like Dali. 😄 No he looks like how he does in the “Behind the Wheel” video but older. Not the whole video just the part when he has the mustache.


Everything Counts in Small Amounts? — June 25, 2018

Everything Counts in Small Amounts?

Greetings readers!? That is strange way to start a blog. 😕 Well for me anyway.

I was really hoping my copy of “A Broken Frame” would come in the mail today. I had a nice little mini review for it and some fun photos ideas too.

I check the mail. Still no CD 😭😡😖
When I see it didn’t come today. I slam the door in anger and disgust. My mom doesn’t realize how frustrating it is. All this waiting.

Now I have to dispute my non-delivery with amazon because I got it from a 3rd party seller. The cheap come out expensive. This was one of my last luxurious purchases. This is the kind of thing that fills you with rage and sadness all at the same time. So their reviews were very good a month ago. Then I see them from a few days ago with the same complaints I have. I’m gonna give it 2 more days and that’s it!

I feel like that insanity quote. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Ok so maybe that quote is a little off or off putting? When I was having my bad summer of ’13 I used to think about this quote a lot. I’m thinking that thinking about it made me more insane than trying the same thing repeatedly. But that advice is kinda wrong a way too.

If this summer is gonna clobber me I wanna be somewhat prepared in a paranoid way like that neighbor who builds a fallout shelter stocked with supplies in their backyard.


Powerless — June 24, 2018


I didn’t really feel like blogging today.

But there was a power outage in my neighborhood. The really strange thing was it happened in the morning. That usually doesn’t happen well except that time in 1999. But that was early in the morning. I remember because I was mad I couldn’t watch Pokémon and that was when it used to come on at 7AM weekday mornings.

When the power went out. You could hear my neighbors yelling. It was the first prolonged power outage I’ve had since I moved here.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to work on my writing. The electricity doesn’t work and I got nothing else to do. I did what I did when I was in the hospital listen to one song per half hour. Luckily I had charged my MP3 player before I went to sleep that day.

My dad was getting antsy and annoying.

If my calculations were correct it was out for 4 hours.


Branded? — June 23, 2018


I’ve been thinking about online branding for a few days now. I’m talking about content generated by one person or a few people. Not a major brand like Sanrio.

Some people they just vanish for a long time. People abandon making online content for whatever reason, and I understand that.

This person was saying that they would tell you what they were up to if you became a Patron. They sporadically post content. And you want me to give you my money? The funny thing is this person is asking for suggestions. I just have one word for them “constancy”.

They are producing content on different platforms. Personally I don’t like to do that anymore. I fear the well running dry. Or does that sound too amateur? Even though I have been publicly blogging for about 12 years or so doesn’t mean I’m immune to amateur thoughts or mistakes. It has happened to me awhile ago when I joined deviantart. I was trying to run my blog and post content on DA. It wasn’t even making new art I was just scanning old drawings I had. It wasn’t until I took a life skills class or something and you had to log everything you did for a week. Until I saw I was spending an insane amount of hours on this, generating online content. I felt so embarrassed when I turned that assignment in.

Ok so I usually don’t take advice from reddit because most of it is horrible unless I’m looking for media suggestions like movies or songs or something. Anyway I was reading a post on reddit about blogging advice and it said to be consistent in your blogging. Which is something I totally agree with.

A lot of branding is putting a face to a name. I’m not putting my face on it. I guess I could if I really wanted to. But I don’t right now so we’ll leave it at that.

I don’t really think about monetizing my content anymore. I mean I have that button there, but in the sense that I have a patreon or anything like that. I really wanted to be a famous blogger or something. It was something I used to fantasize about 8-12 years ago. But I don’t anymore I don’t wanna be that person. (you know what a mean) 😅

Do I have a following? I’m not exactly sure…possibly? 😕🤔 It’s not something I have really thought about or think about.

10 More Movies from 1998 — June 22, 2018

10 More Movies from 1998

I’m back with 10 more movies from 1998.

1. Bullworth


2. Pleaseantville


3. A Bug’s Life


This movie was ok. It wasn’t as great as everybody said it was. Better than Antz.

4. The Avengers movie


I never saw this or the show it was based on I heard the movie was horrible for some reason it seems to show up a lot on those digital sub-nets it wasn’t all bad since Suggs from Madness made a really great song for the soundtrack called “I am”.

5. Half Baked


I wanted to see this movie but my parents wouldn’t let me.

6. Small Soldiers


7. Slums of Beverly Hills


I saw this movie years later. I really liked it.

8. A night at the Roxbury


The skits were ok on the show. Not my favorite not as much as the Spartans. I think I was one of the few people who liked “What is Love” by Haddaway before the skit came out. Wish there would have been a Spartans movie. I heard there was a Spartans movie in the works but it was never made. 😦

9. Ever After A Cinderella Story


10. Mulan


Summertime — June 21, 2018


Today is the first day of summer.

So I have a question. Who likes The Sundays?

A funny story about that music video. About 4 years ago I entered a toy crafting contest and the theme of the contest was “summertime”. What you would do was make a craft for the toys set them up and then take a picture of it. The problem was I had no ideas. Then for some reason I was watching The Sundays’ video for “Summertime”. I remembered there was a wall of fruit in the video. I thought it would be funny if I got a doll dressed it like Harriett in the music video and make a wall of fruit. But since most people who were entering the contest were mostly kids I felt nobody would get the reference. So I scrapped the idea and I posted this picture instead. The theme for this one is “indoor picnic”.


Let’s see what were the things I actually crafted in the picture? That silver thing in the back is an air conditioner. The bag of cookies next to the grey rabbit, the Pop Tart the squirrel is holding, the 2 bags of chips next to the cake, and the jelly donut on the plate closest to the pig in the green shorts (it’s that shiny glittery thing on the plate). Most of the food is re-purposed Barbie food.
Note the plates and baguette from the Barbie tea cart. Some of the food came from the Barbie Snack Shop.


I do like this Top of the Pops performance. I like that they tried to replicate the wall of fruit.

I found this old summer playlist blog I posted in April for some reason.

Here is an old Sailor Moon trading card I impulse bought in 2011 according to the envelope it was mailed in the post mark was dated 2011

20180621_115459 - Copy

I love this picture of Usagi’s mom. It’s from the first episode. After I thought about it I impulse bought a few things in 2011.