I tried to go to bed early because of the job interview. I ended up waking up early.

When I got on the bus to go to the mall I found out my school bus pass doesn’t work anymore. 😨 I had to pay cash. Good thing I brought some.

For some reason there was a lot of traffic. I was late. I didn’t have time to primp before the interview. The interview went horribly. They asked me a lot of strange questions like what would I do if I was pitted against another worker. I wasn’t sure how to answer that.

After that I thought I’d cheer myself up by going to the Hot Topic and buying a Depeche Mode shirt. They didn’t have the design I wanted, but a better one. A “Black Celebration” shirt. Too bad they were all too small, and there were none left in bigger sizes. 😭 I chortled at the clerk mispronounce their name. I really tried to hold it in though. She called them “depe-shay mode”. Well at least I didn’t spend my last $20 on their merch.

When I saw these belts for sale there they made me nostalgic.


It reminds me of high school back then the more rows of spikes on your belt equaled status.

I have a belt like this one.


When I got too fat to wear it as a belt I wore the belt like a necklace. It was heavy and it hurt my neck. I was so hard core back then. Maybe I should do it again?

They had pins on sale. Like I was going to stick my hand in a container of pins and find one of theirs. I didn’t but I did find some random Sailor Moon ones I didn’t buy.

In some good news I somehow managed to fix my bear pillow. That thing is like 10 years old. All I did was squeeze the head and it worked. *shrugs*.