I wake up to a lovely email from my school telling them I owe them $87. When I call up the school to clear it up they tell me I was overpaid for May since I dropped the class early in the month. I sort of thought something like this might happen, but I didn’t wanna say. It was one of the reasons I got angry and sad when I knew I was doing really poorly in the class. Part of me subconsciously knew my days were numbered. I was told I was sent a warning email in May. Warning? What warning? This is the first time I hearing of this. I did check the school website a few times to see if there was anything. I call again I was told the first person I talked to didn’t know what they were talking about. What?

Ok so those CDs will be the last luxurious purchase I make in a long while. 😭 So I better enjoy them. I’ve pretty much given up on the CD arriving before June 25th.

This is a blog topic I’ve been chewing on for about a week or so. Somehow these topics ended up tying nicely together.

This is something that bothers me. With people online giving bad “inspirational” advice. These so called positive people usually give really stupid advice. Telling people their problems are not as big as they think they are and to take care of themselves. What the hell?! You are not experiencing this.

Like if I told somebody my problem and they gave me this advice. “Stay hydrated and watch some cat videos.”

What?! This is your solution? You’re no help!

It common to see this kind of post usually on a facebook page or something like it. You know other forms of social media like instagram or youtube videos. And you read some of this inspirational stuff and you end up feeling more terrible about yourself. There is only so many “you are stronger than you think” type posts you can read before wanting to gauge your eyes out. Or at least I do.

Let’s not forget the carrots, coffee and egg story that was posted everywhere online for inspiration. Can I be instant ramen instead?

When I had it really bad say about 10 years ago I used to read these inspirational stories in women’s magazines about people who were unemployed. They would have random conversations with people at random places and get a job. You know what the worse part was? I believed it! >o<

I do enjoy Boggle the owl though.

I mean I know I have my problems and tend to ruminate and stuff.

Oh yeah and those everybody sucks and you are disgusting type posts on facebook. What a downer to read those. There are only so many pollution and dead animal posts I can look at. Maybe they looking for shock value or something?

Maybe I should make this blog all inspirational quotes and stuff. Nah! That would be against my nature.