This entry is a continuation to the last 2.

1. Smooshees


3617068642b1b7d8c491c8bcf965bc76 - Copy


smooshiespen 001

heidebunnysmoshie 001

I have a few of these. Heidi Bunny and Sea Sea writer. The fish didn’t fit in the pen very well, but the pen was a good quality pen and wrote for many years.

2. Beach Blast Barbie

beach blast


I never had Barbies from this line, but the color changing hair was a nice touch.

3. Paris Pretty Barbie fashions

parispretty - Copy

I have a Barbie case with her wearing this outfit on the front of it.

4. Barbie Hostess Cart


One of the few Barbie playsets I owned as a child. I think I immediately lost the tiny utensils that came with it. I think I lost a roll over the years, but strangely still have the stick of butter.

5. Tyco Snack Shop


If it was anything like the Flower Makin’ Basket then it would have been a pretty disappointing toy. Tyco’s Super Dough was a poor quality Play Doh knockoff.

6. Couch Potato


I remember seeing these dolls at the Pic N Save thinking they were kinda pointless. Maybe they were more of a gag gift?

7. Plantsters


So there is like nothing about these toys on the internet. Apparently they were test marketed in California. Well they aren’t really a toy they are more like a gardening set for kids. I remember I planted some flowers that bloomed at 4PM they were neat.

8. Nintendo Power Pad



My neighbors had this and I wasn’t very good at it. This was given away as a prize on a few children’s game shows.

9. Footnotes



I wanted this toy. They used to give away as a prize on Finders Keepers.

10. Lil Miss Makeup



win-pics-lil-miss-makeup - Copy

She is the first of many Lil Miss dolls, never had this doll.