For the title I couldn’t resist. 😉

Can you believe that Depeche Mode’s 101 Rose Bowl show was 30 years ago? Today? I wanted to go hang out with some fans gathered there or something. Where is my head at? In the clouds? That thought is useless.

Before the internet I didn’t know there were so many foods I ate incorrectly. My parents think I’m so dumb 😳 for believing that.

On Fathers’ Day I told my dad he could watch his Woodstock DVD (that he’s had for years) as long as he didn’t bother my mom and I. So that was a Fathers’ Day present to him. Since apparently I’m the only person in the house who can work the DVD player. He did tell me the part about Yasgur’s Farm. It made think about My Cup Runneth Away. Yasgur’s Farm is one of the locations in the second round along with “Greg’s Apartment”

I know writers like to embellish and stuff they are writers. PLOTTING IS NOT WRITING! Well it is sort of but plotting out something and actually writing it are 2 different things. You could plot out 17 different books, but never get to actually writing them. And if you did that and told me you wrote 17 books I’d like to read them.

What is the deal with whiny youtubers? The “I’m losing viewers by the minute take pity on me videos” ain’t doing it for me. You posted this and now I want to watch your channel even less or not at all. Maybe people aren’t watching your videos because they aren’t as good as they used to be.

I remembered it’s almost the one year anniversary of the Kidsclick block. It started on July 1, 2017.

I decided to go to a staffing agency since I really need a job. Passed the defunct Toys R Us on the way over there. I made sure to note this since the directions from Google were vague again. It was hard finding the door to the place. It’s like in a business park.

When I get to the place they tell me they can’t see me without an appointment. When I called last week they didn’t tell me that. What liars! Made sure to mention that. Not in a bitchy way, but a “WTF!?” way. Then she took down my info on a sticky note/post-it. Really!? I was also told all the appointments were in the afternoon. Of course since I’m desperate for money I’ll ignore all the red flags. I told myself if it doesn’t work out with this agency in a week or so I’ll give up.

When I got home I saw they have pretty bad yelp reviews. The google ones were so/so. The google ones were the ones I read last week.

At least they weren’t as bad as the agency who asked too many questions about my meth use. (Which is none btw.) With the “meth questions agency” I have to wait until October to apply with them again. I guess the meth questions are a problem because I saw other people online complaining about it online too.

With all this walking I’m getting a lot of exercise in.

Watched the 101 film. It made me think about how different things were 30 years ago. You know like accessing information. My favorite parts were when the bus kids say they don’t like metal, and when Martin buys a bunch of country music. I’m kidding all the parts with Martin in them were my favorite.