Remember when I posted a blog about those old binders I found? Well here is another relic from my teenage years. When I found the binders they made me think of these pages. I have never shown these to anybody until now.

I know people like to scan and take pictures of their diary entries. Not me. I think that is the place where I can let it all out. Mostly what I write is inane anyway. Would you want to read my old entries from when I was 15 years old? I’ll just say this somethings change and somethings don’t. Like my disdain for math. I still write about the same things like shows I watched on tv and the food I ate. Or something more recent like a whole paragraph I wrote about the “Suffer Well” music video. Seriously, nobody wants to read that. What I write is kinda boring. Unless there are drawings. Sometimes I like to post those. And just the drawings.

Since I was so into music as a teenager and haven’t really stopped now. These are blank pages from a diary that I wrote some songs I really liked at the time. The first entry in that diary is from March 1999, and the last entry is dated October, 23, 1999. There were some songs I added after that. I usually go to these lists of songs when I wanna think of my freshman year of high school or when I’m looking for inspiration for a playlist.

20180530_162636 - Copy

The front page is all No Doubt songs. (or songs Gwen was featured on) (the “Return of Saturn” ones are written in pink pen and most of the “Rocksteady” ones are written in red pen)

Here is a list of the songs:

Saw Red [a Sublime song]
Oi to the World
DJs [a cover of a Sublime song]
A Little Something Refreshing
Blue in the Face
Just a Girl
Greener Pastures
Hey You
World go Round
Sailin’ On [a cover of a Bad Brains song]
Get on the Ball
Tragic Kingdom
Sunday Morning
You’re the Boss [a cover of an Elvis song by The Brian Setzer Orchestra]
Move On

Artificial Sweetener
Beauty Contest
Under Construction
Staring Problem
Southside [a Moby song]
Too Late
Six Feet Under
Simple Kind of Life
Comforting Lie

Waiting Room
Hella Good
Let me Blow ya Mind [an Eve song]
In My Head
Platinum Blonde Life
Don’t Let me Down

Crash [a solo Gwen song]
You Owe Me

20180530_162734 - Copy

The back page is songs by other artists that are not No Doubt.
Here is a list of the songs:

Bleed Like Me – Garbage
Ghost Town – the Specials
Royal Oil – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Smooth Criminal [the Alien Ant Farm cover]
Buddy Holly – Weezer
Math – Supernova
Sacré Français – Dimitri From Paris
Mistaken – Save Ferris
Playdough – The Aquabats
Awful – Hole [title misspelled by me]
Trendy – Reel Big Fish
Just Another Day – John Cena
Your Friend – Save Ferris
Tear Drop – Massive Attack [title should be written as 1 word]
Josie – Blink-182
Spam – Save Ferris
Lovely – Wagon Christ
Maria – Blondie
Rascal King – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Only Happy When it Rains – Garbage
Road Rash – Mad Caddies
The Sun and the Rain – Madness
Here in your Bedroom – Goldfinger
I Choose – The Offspring
Too Much Pressure – the Selecter
Heavensent – Esthero [title should be written as 2 words]
Sweetness – Jimmy Eat World
Jolene – Spring Heeled Jack USA
Ready to Go – Republica
Ironic – Alanis Morissette
Super Rad! – The Aquabats
Violet- Hole
Lucky Denver Mint – Jimmy Eat World
Little Differences – Save Ferris
Rapture – Blondie
Daydream Believer [a cover by Shonen Knife]
Special – Garbage
Never say Never – that dog.
Enough – Dance Hall Crashers
The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
Soap Disco – Kara’s Flowers
Army – Ben Folds Five
Radio Listener – Teen Heroes