I didn’t really feel like blogging today.

But there was a power outage in my neighborhood. The really strange thing was it happened in the morning. That usually doesn’t happen well except that time in 1999. But that was early in the morning. I remember because I was mad I couldn’t watch Pokémon and that was when it used to come on at 7AM weekday mornings.

When the power went out. You could hear my neighbors yelling. It was the first prolonged power outage I’ve had since I moved here.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to work on my writing. The electricity doesn’t work and I got nothing else to do. I did what I did when I was in the hospital listen to one song per half hour. Luckily I had charged my MP3 player before I went to sleep that day.

My dad was getting antsy and annoying.

If my calculations were correct it was out for 4 hours.