Greetings readers!? That is strange way to start a blog. 😕 Well for me anyway.

I was really hoping my copy of “A Broken Frame” would come in the mail today. I had a nice little mini review for it and some fun photos ideas too.

I check the mail. Still no CD 😭😡😖
When I see it didn’t come today. I slam the door in anger and disgust. My mom doesn’t realize how frustrating it is. All this waiting.

Now I have to dispute my non-delivery with amazon because I got it from a 3rd party seller. The cheap come out expensive. This was one of my last luxurious purchases. This is the kind of thing that fills you with rage and sadness all at the same time. So their reviews were very good a month ago. Then I see them from a few days ago with the same complaints I have. I’m gonna give it 2 more days and that’s it!

I feel like that insanity quote. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Ok so maybe that quote is a little off or off putting? When I was having my bad summer of ’13 I used to think about this quote a lot. I’m thinking that thinking about it made me more insane than trying the same thing repeatedly. But that advice is kinda wrong a way too.

If this summer is gonna clobber me I wanna be somewhat prepared in a paranoid way like that neighbor who builds a fallout shelter stocked with supplies in their backyard.