The month isn’t even that old yet not even half over and I’m already posting a miscellaneous blog this month.

And I got a good registration date. Finally! 😍 ^-^ It’s on the 11th first day of registration. The school needs to get rid of me. I thought I was gonna get a later date because my last name is towards the end of alphabet. I had been waiting for that email to come. I thought about it on the 4th, but then I remembered it was a holiday.

My dad asked how many Rockapella CDs I have. I guessed 5. How many CDs of theirs I do have? Let’s see… 🤔 “To NY”, “Bash”, “Vocobeat”, “Out Cold”, and “Don’t Tell Me You Do”. I’m not including the soundtracks from the Carmen Sandiego show.

I know I should stop buying stuff, but part of me can’t pass $1 blind bag ponies. They are like what $3 at the Walmart? I remember when I found some last summer?

20180703_171047 - Copy

20180703_171101 - Copy

I thought they were wave 17 bags, but they were wave 16. I thought I was getting Holly Dash and Cherry Berry, but I got ponies I didn’t have so I’m happy. I got Cherry Spices and Peachy Sweet.

20180705_122334 - Copy

It was so hot today. Like 115 degrees. Then I put on the ac and watched old Are-oh-vee episodes while I wrote. Just like the old days. I feel like a teenager. I was watching videos from the summer of 1999. When I watch them I sort of feel like they are snapshots of my life.