I didn’t mention this in my Branded blog entry, but this just annoys me when people who stop producing online content then they make a “comeback” they make a lot of noise and ruckus and whatnot. “HEY EVERYBODY I’M BACK AND MAKING ONLINE CONTENT.” Then either 2 things happen either they make a big fuss and do nothing or they produce very little new content like 1 or 2 blog posts or videos or whatever format the make their content in. Then I think “You made a big deal about this?”

You make a posting calendar in June saying about all the videos, blogs, and Instagram posts you are going to make in July. All they have done is write 1 measly text post over the past month?! That was 2 sentences long?! It’s already mid-July. Where are your Instagram posts and photos? I think “I really wanna follow you and consume your content, but produce something!” ūüėĖ Also this person is hard to contact. Maybe they got mad at people asking them for content.

So I was reading this article randomly a few days ago. It says INFPs are whimsical. I can’t say I disagree with it. Then I was telling my mom about how I want to join this somewhat exclusive group of gatekeepers. Or take down the group. “Take down” is such a harsh phrase. Ok make a counter group. But when I think about those people and their groups with their superficial rules. (those hobbyists) It just gets me so angry, and stuff. Like I have to fight against it or be a champion or something like that.


It makes me think of this lyric. I didn’t realize it was from a song until my dad was playing it aloud. I found it as a quote on pinterest. Which was a lyric to a song “Heaven and Hell”.

I’m so metal! (throws up the horns)


Watched the MLB All Star Game today. Joe Buck botching players’ names and calls is the best part.