I know I have not been blogging much this week. Working on that Martin birthday blog took a lot of work. I think I worked on it for more than a week. The one thing that I had hoped when I wrote it was that it did not read like it was written by somebody who was 14 years old. Isn’t that what I’m worried about a lot of the time I write things? If I had written it that way I would have read like this: “Martin Gore is so cool! I love him! *giggling*”.

I had been applying to jobs. Most of the calls I have gotten back have been for scam jobs. They aren’t even for the correct position. I applied for a telemarketing job and when I got a call back they told me it was a job where I go to stores and sell people cell phones or something.

Yesterday was really hot I holed in the living room with the air conditioner on and watched old music videos. While I was trying to watch the music video for “Enjoy the Silence”. Anyway I get a call for a job interview. (I thought this was a sign)

I was watching this video this morning.

It was about how INFPs think and other types think.

So went to the job interview today. I was shown what I would do and all the things I’d be using. I was just taking it all in; trying to process all the information. There was a lot of stuff covered. The interviewer complained that I was too quiet. 😓😡

I didn’t think it went well. Then I get a call 2 hours later telling me to come in tomorrow for a job offer. Yay! 😄

I felt inspired to buy myself a copy of “Violator”. I thought it was a sign. Plus I don’t have a copy of it. Maybe I should start off slow ease into their albums like an old man into a nice warm bath. I should get all the albums I don’t have between “A Broken Frame” and “Music for the Masses”. The last thing I bought when I worked was a Winx Club doll. Although I should not be spending money I have not earned yet. (as of posting I have not bought a copy of “Violator”)

My mom was so happy. We had a soda toast. (toasting with soda not a piece of toast with soda on it) I don’t wanna drink the day before. And I gotta keep my schedule open.