So my dad bought a The Revivalists CD. Not sure what he was thinking when he bought that. That is nothing like the music he listens to. So I went to this website When I put in recommendations Fritz and the Tantrums came up. I tried Depcehe Mode too just to see what it would recommend besides their solo projects. A lot of Vince Clarke music. But then again I’m listening to Depeche Mode. *shrugs*

So I went back for the job offer. I was just waiting and being observant I don’t wanna look to anxious or stressed out or anything. That looks worse. I think I used to have that look on my face. Now I guess I just look sad or bored or something. This talkative lady comes up to me and tells me I look bored. Then I tell her that I’m waiting for the job offer. She tells me she doesn’t work for the store she is a sample person. What is with people and me not talking? Why is this a bad thing? It was not like I was non responsive.

When I was called on. I just filled out some paper work and that was it. Saw a guy waiting to be interviewed in a Pokémon shirt.

As I’m leaving the lady is yelling at me like from across the store. “Did you get the job!?” I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I had no idea where that voice was coming from. I went to her sample table. So she gave me some crackers. And I took some and left.

When I’m going home I get a call I missed it at first because my phone was on silent. I was told I did something else. I was not supposed to do or something. I’m very confused by this. What do they want me to do? So I have to come back on Monday and fill out some more paperwork and take the offer? I’m very confused and I think this reflects on the company. I would run the other way, but I’m gonna ignore it because I need the money.