An Example of What not to Do — August 31, 2018

An Example of What not to Do

So I was working in the bakery today. I like it so much better than the deli. It’s not as hectic, it smells better and it can be run with less people.

I wanted to see what time it was and my manager caught my on my phone while giving a tour of the store to potential hires. He called me out on it. πŸ˜³πŸ˜… My other coworkers both went on break and left me alone there by myself. It was almost time for my break too. The real problem is that all the clocks there are all at different times. It’s very confusing. It made me think about in tv shows where the character does something and then somebody else tells them what they did was an example of what not to do. I’ve seen that joke used in Mister Ed, I Love Lucy and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Then I thought I’ve only been there for about 2 weeks or so. My first day was on the 16th. (I remembered I saw a sign on the door saying something about orientation. I remembered that my orientation was also on a Friday.)

I felt really bad for the baguettes. Some of them were just too soft and floppy. Nobody was going to want to buy those. So I took one of the floppy ones and bought it. Feeling sorry for bread and talking to rotisserie chickens are whimsical things. I wasn’t even trying to do it on purpose. When I don’t worry about things like that I can shine. Is “shine” the right word?

Anyway I had to throw out old baked goods. Coincidentally I had my MP3 player with me from break. It helped pass the time a little faster. Nobody told me anything about listing to music in the bakery while I did this, so I guess it was ok? Three superiors saw me do it. I like to listen to “Master and Servant” at work. “It’s lot like life” XD Well that song and “Work Hard”.

I have this problem with some of my coworkers “teaching themselves” how to do things at work. I mean you can do that but you might end up developing bad habits and do the task perpetually wrong.

I never realized how stinky some of my coworkers’ lunches can be.

Bakery claims are a little stinky, but not as much as the deli is.

I showed my mom the “See You” chickens video. She didn’t think it was a funny as I think it is. After a bad day at work I like to watch that video.

She commented on Dave’s dancing. When she saw Martin she asked about his hair. I’m just like “Oh, he is my favorite one.” She wanted to know what his hair looks like now. She doesn’t need to know I have a whole folder of pictures of him saved on the computer. πŸ˜³πŸ˜…

Violated — August 30, 2018


I found out that the book I want to rent for class is $71! That is like $71 of hard earned deli money just being thrown in the trash like a moldy old pizza. (throwing out moldy old pizzas is part of my job)

My copy of “Violator” came early. ^-^

I have this version.

It’s funny because this story showed up in the news feed of my phone.

And Now, a Word From 20-Year-Old Me: A Review of Depeche Mode’s “Violator”

It’s great and all, but I just wish there were more songs on it. I can’t buy anymore albums for now. I need more money. Which one should I get next?πŸ€” “Black Celebration”? “Some Great Reward”? “Construction Time Again”? “Speak & Spell”? I would like to get the ones I’m missing in between “A Broken Frame” and “Music for the Masses”.

My Deli Senpai — August 29, 2018

My Deli Senpai

I want to get in a quick blog in. I’m a little sleep deprived.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do much by having to go to school and then working at the deli.

I got to class pretty early at about 10:37AM it wasn’t very crowded. Cell reception is really shitty in the math building now for some reason. πŸ‘Ώ I can’t even play Sailor Moon Drops. Since I was there so early I thought I’d get some writing done. I realized I drank too much soda in the morning because I had to go to the bathroom really badly. When I got there I thought all the stalls were occupied. So I waited for a free one. I awkwardly ran into my math teacher from the spring semester in the women’s bathroom. When I saw her I thought “That lady kinda looks familiar.” πŸ€” Then she recognized me.Β  When I left the bathroom alone I saw she was still in the same room she was in the spring semester.

I was bored in class and doodling again. I did take notes on the slide printouts. It was ok I guess. :/

He said you don’t have to write out the statements for the problems and that I could use my old calculator. πŸ˜ƒ Great!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people at school with metal band shirts. Is metal becoming popular again? Or are they just wearing them for fashion?

At work ran into that guy who helps clean the deli. I was saying he could be my deli senpai. he thought that was funny. Actually everybody pretty much there could be my deli senpai if I wanted them to. After I talked to that guy I entered the deli. The first thing I was asked after pleasantry exchanges was if I felt the earthquake. I was bored when I was unloading the rotisserie chickens. I was singing to them. I was singing “See You” and “A Photograph of You” by Depeche Mode and the song “Big Chair” by Reacharound to them.

I was stuck cleaning the deli with a few other people.

That guy and I were joking around saying that “Deli Senpai” sounds like a high school anime drama or something. The other co workers didn’t get it.

The Only Way to go is Off — August 28, 2018

The Only Way to go is Off

I had to go to school to go use the book and so my math homework. When I saw the bus I had to get on to ride there I saw it was crowded when it turned the corner. I though “Oh fuck no!”. I knew this bus ride was going to be “fun”.

Then I wondered if I should quit school. I told myself “Yes I would quit at a a day and a half.” *face palm* That is one thing I’m good at quitting. I thought “I have a job now.” Then I thought at least I’m not selling knives or car wax.

Some old lady gets on the bus and tells off a girl about how she should have the seat because she is old. I hate riding in the front of the bus. People shoot you dirty looks to move to another part of the bus. Where am I going to go? The only other place for me to go would be to get off the bus and I was pretty tempted to do that. I was trying to keep myself from falling. The bus goes uphill. I was thinking about the Harvey Danger video “Private Helicopter”. I felt like a puppeteer trying to keep my arms up and not feel fatigued.

I decided that no matter what happens I’m not riding the bus at that time again.Β  Next time I’d take the “F” on the assignment.

It took a long time to do the math homework. I had no idea what I was doing. I just scribbled something down. I thought it was funny that I was listening to “Everything Counts” while doing statistics was quite funny and ironic.

Got an email for nano. Oh hell no! I’m not participating this year plus I haven’t been writing much anyway. I still don’t know why I’m not as prolific as I used to be.

There was an earthquake and it freaked me out! >o<

INFP + Math — August 27, 2018

INFP + Math

I hurt myself cooking breakfast. I can’t believe it! I hope my finger heals by Wednesday. That’s when I have to go to work.

The first few weeks back at school are the hardest. Was I supposed to print put a syllabus? I don’t feel as neurotic this time. I had less time to ruminate. I was too busy worrying about work. Perhaps I should write myself inspirational inane messages to myself like I did in high school? I listened to “Nothing to Fear” on the ride to school. I dropped my mp3 player in the bus again. I usually do something dorky on the first day anyway.

I didn’t realize how humid it is today. I should have gotten here earlier to try and get a bus pass. There are so many people. If I have to wait too long I’ll have to leave. I can come after class. πŸ˜’

There were too many people there waiting by the classroom door. It made feel uncomfortable. It was way too stuffy. Plus I knew there were going to be some people who were going to try and take a seat who were not enrolled or on the waitlist. It always happens with the popular classes especially in the fall.

He puts all his notes online and you can print out the slides and said you do not have to write much. Its gonna waste a lot of ink but I can pay for some of it. I got a job now. I have to say that printing out slides is not my preferred note taking method. It’s second only to Cornell Notes as my most despised note taking method. I know people say that is like a great note taking study hack, but I personally don’t like it. He said you don’t have to write much so I was doodling. Well at least I didn’t write the lyrics to “Black Celebration” again. The doodles came out pretty great. I was having a lot of INFP feelings today, and the doodles helped.

Luckily there were no class introductions. Another good thing was that he said all we needed for this class was a scientific calculator and a book.

Its funny that I can’t stand to look at food now. Almost any kind.

All I need to do is get a book now.

The bus was crowded on the ride both ways.

Nothing to Fear — August 26, 2018

Nothing to Fear

I was thinking I didn’t realize my first day of school is tomorrow! >o<

Then I thought I need some cool pre-prepared introduction. It made me think of the introductions they made us do for orientation at my job. What was I gonna say for that? My last job was in 2012 the day after my aunt died and I worked under the table peddling food at a street fair?Β  Usually it’s the standard name and major thing. Sometimes they like to throw you a curve ball and say to add a fun fact about yourself or something. I could say I work in the deli or that I spent the whole summer listening to Depeche Mode. What sounds more interesting? πŸ€”

And I got a good horoscope about my school year.

I feel unprepared though. Well I’ve never gone back to school while starting a new job at the same time.

Before work I was trying to get myself pumped by listening to “Work Hard”.

At work it wasn’t too crazy. I had to man the front again, but there were really no customers. Then I was told to go to another department. It was so relaxing and tame there. I could be alone with my thoughts. The only thing that killed me was all the standing. I was thinking about how I was thinking about this Eve 6 video yesterday. Everybody was in a mood yesterday. The workers and the customers.

I realized the 2 new coworkers who came to the deli the same time as me one of them is a little hot headed and the other is really strict and by the book and I feel I’m in the middle from their personalities.

I was really trying to help clean up because I know closing the deli and cleaning up is a pain. I’ll see them on Wednesday.

2 Otaku — August 25, 2018

2 Otaku

There were a whole slew of people wanting meat and cheese sliced at the deli. Perhaps for the preseason football? As I was slicing it I was taking out my aggression on the meat and cheese slicers singing the song “Know Your Chicken” by Cibo Matto. (before my anime conversation I was thinking of titling this blog “Know Your Chicken”)

This one customer comes while I’m cleaning the meat and cheese slicers while singing “Know Your Chicken” again. I was sort of in an angry scrubbing daze. Taking my aggressions out on scrubbing it. Then this customer comes and says something like “Hello! That opened up your third eye!” What does that even mean? *shrugs* that was a weird customer anyway. They asked for a “bag of samples” πŸ˜‘ Then they said something like “Ok (my name) I’m going to do some more shopping”. First I was thinking “How do you know my name?” Sometimes I forget I’m wearing a nametag. Then they came back but we were cleaning and the deli was closed. I remembered their hair style resembled the one Martin Gore wore circa 2003. πŸ€”

So that guy came to help. He’s been there for a long time so he knows stuff. He gives us the deli gossip. Like that a bunch of people were hired to work there, but a lot of them quit. And that it is one of the hardest jobs. That was the guy who told me to throw the meat in the bucket. I don’t know I like him he’s funny and no-nonsense. (I mean not in a romantic manner.) I found out he’s not a supervisor or anything he’s just a guy who used to work in the deli and knows how to clean it properly.

Then we ended up talking about anime. I was telling him about how much I like magical girl anime. He said he likes Digimon over PokΓ©mon. And we talked about recolor fan art. He said he likes Hamtaro.

He said I could add the “san” honorific to his name.

He asked how old I am. He said he thought I was like 20. That is really knocking a lot of years off my age. πŸ˜²πŸ˜‰ I’m not gonna knock it. I think and I don’t mean this in a boastful way. You have to be the whole package. I have youthful thoughts to go along with it. I told him I don’t really take care of my body I drink alcohol and eat bacon.

I asked if he likes Depeche Mode. He didn’t know who they are so I dropped it.

I forgot to ask him if he plays Sailor Moon Drops or if he likes European anime inspired shows like Miraculous Ladybug.

Blog Woes — August 24, 2018

Blog Woes

So I’ve been thinking about what to do about blogging. I mean I can’t blog as much as I used to, but I also don’t want to shut the blog down.

Or you know be one of those annoying people who over promise and under deliver. They really get my goat.

I’ll really need to think about this.Β  πŸ€”

In Check — August 23, 2018

In Check

So I was stuck closing the deli with my lazy coworker.

Yesterday when I saw I was working with her on the schedule I was pretty upset.

There seemed to be a lot of weird customers in the deli today. :/

I got paid!

When I got my check I just wanted to have a moment with it! My first real paycheck! πŸ˜πŸ’– But I didn’t want to look weird in front of the other workers.

So that copy of “Violator” is mine! As a reward you know.

I keep burning myself in the rotisserie. 😭

It felt like the shift would never end. I was washing dishes for like 3 hours.

Closing Time — August 22, 2018

Closing Time

My coworkers are surprised I like throwing out the old food. It’s not that I like it. I just don’t mind.

But I get paid soon so that means I can buy myself that copy of “Violator”. I was shopping for copies off amazon during lunch.

So I had to close the deli by myself sort of… πŸ€”

The strange thing is that I come home from work and all I wanna do is watch music videos on youtube. But I don’t know why.