My dad has this “rule” about purchasing albums and that is you have to like all the songs on it.

I don’t remember how this rule even came about.

This actually relates to the blog I’m scheduled to post tomorrow.

This would be us in a record store or any place that sold albums.

Me: I can I have this DJ Heavy Flow CD “The Toxic Shock Experience”?

Dad: Do you like all the songs off the album.

Me: No, I don’t know I’ve never listened to all the songs off “The Toxic Shock Experience”. (shrugs, sheepishly puts the CD back)

Or even when I would buy them with my own money. I became a better liar.

Me: I want “Retreat from the Sun”.

Dad: Do you like all the songs off the album? Have you listened to “Cowboy Hat”?

Me: Yes.

I had never listened to that song before. I still feel guilty for only liking 3 songs on it; “Never Say Never”, “Minneapolis” and “Long Island”. Even though I only paid $5 or less for it used.

So my dad was very dissatisfied with the purchase of his CD by The Revivalists. According to him none of the other songs sound like the one he heard on the radio. He only likes that one song. Of course I made a big deal about it because he did not follow his own album purchasing rule. I still have no idea why he bought it in the first place. I’m like “I don’t know I don’t listen to the radio.” He keeps trying to get me to listen to it for some reason. I saw their music video on youtube I’m good.

I remember when we first got the internet and he made a big deal about the band 13th Floor Elevator. He kept making me print out pages and pages about this band off the internet. Then I found out he only liked one song on the record XoX @o@ 😖😫🤦‍♀️

Even now when I buy albums I feel very guilty for not liking all the songs on it.

I still feel guilty about not liking “To Have and to Hold” (both versions) off “Music for the Masses”.