My are-oh-vee blog was the blog I was teasing. I’m very proud of that entry. I worked on it for at least a month.

I was desperate for a job again so I applied for another job with that staffing agency online. A few hours later I get a call from them.

They say something like “Hello (my name) we want to place you in a job so we want to know what experience you have.” I keep saying “none”. I was asked this question the last time I dealt with them. I foolishly said “food”. I’m not gonna say that again because all I would be told was to come into their sorry excuse for an office.

“Ok (my name) thank you for your time bye (my name)”.

I was promptly hung up on but I didn’t mind.

What I really wanted to say was. “Oh no you don’t! You dicked me around last time telling me you could help and to come into your office. And then did nothing?!”

I could not think of a tactful way to articulate this.

My dad told me to call back the store.

I kept trying to get somebody on the phone and it just kept ringing. I called at 2 different times.

So the next day I finally get through to somebody.

Apparently there was another email I was not sent.

I don’t even want to check the school website it will just make me sad. Once they put the countdown clock telling you to pay your fees which reminds me of Toyotathon commercials for some reason.

So I get a call on Thursday to go into orientation the next day. The problem was that I was eating Almond Joy candy when I answered the phone and couldn’t talk very well.

I figured at the rate I’m going to be paid I would have 2 work at least 2 days to pay the fees. (of an 8 hour shift)

My mom gets mad because I’m still concerned I don’t talk enough. And that it is other people’s problem and not mine. Then why does America value the extrovert? What is people’s deal really? Like that annoying sample lady. I wonder if other people find her annoying?

It made me think of this post on the INFP subreddit.

I hope it goes well. And well there are only 2 outcomes to my problem either I go back to school or I don’t. Not to say I didn’t think out all these different scenarios first. That’s how my mind operates.

So when I go to orientation I expect this to be an experience. One of the first things we had to do introductions. It was like college. You had to say the position you applied for and some fact about yourself. They want you to be TMI. What is with people being TMI?

They gave us a break I had no idea how long I was going to be there so I bought some jerky sticks, and a Pepsi for the caffeine. Then I realized I just spent $10 I don’t have on food. 🤦‍♀️😭 I wondered what I would be doing if I was at home. I thought it beat sulking in my room listening to “Music for the Masses”.

It was funny because we kept having to use a label maker and it made me think of the baby label maker.

They said we all got the weekend off, so I’m gonna celebrate with Wedding Peach and some alcohol.

So I’m on standby. Do’h! They can call me on Tuesday. I’m not sure how to react to this I have no words. But in a good way. I’ve never gotten this far before. Well with a legit tax paying job. That lady just sent me an email telling me to come on a Sunday to come help her.

When I walked home I listened to “Enjoy the Silence”. It’s a good song to listen to while you are walking. Because when I do listen to it all I can see is Dave walking with the deckchair in my mind.