On the ride over there I heard “It’s Called a Heart” and I was getting all excited listening to the song.

When I was getting ready to work in the deli in the break room and some girl was just standing there I never met her before or anything. She asked if I was ok. I was like “yeah”. Then she introduced herself, and did back. What?! Again? What is with this place? Should I be yelling or something? Vapidly smiling? I’m upset and confused. Probably they could read my face that I was plagued with impostor syndrome.

Then I was workin’ in the deli. I was making food by myself I was humming “Something to Do”. They said I was working too slow. I never worked in a deli before. I don’t what to do and how to do it fast. They didn’t even tell me that there were diagrams on the back of the papers.

I got taught/shown how to use the slicers and all I can think about Kramer and his meat slicer. She let me eat the example cheese the meat she cut for an example was nothing I would eat.

I was so happy and proud of myself I worked for part of a day. 😄