Right before work I get an email from the school telling me I didn’t pay my fees? What?! When I called the school they said they send that email to everybody. Why? Do they want the students to have a heart attack or something?

At work I threw out old food again. I like doing that. It’s not so hard and I can think about songs and stuff. Not that I enjoy it as much as I don’t mind it. The others don’t like it as much. I was humming “Work Hard” to myself while I sorted to the food to be thrown out.

That one coworker I complained about earlier seems to work slower than I do and I’m new. And they were supposed to come on Saturday but never did. Which made me wonder how long they have been there. 🤔 If they are that poor of a worker that means there’s hope for me. Or should I be just as lazy?

I hate washing the dishes there. I get all wet and end up coming home smelling like the deli. I was bored doing it and alone at the time. So I was singing to myself softly. I was singing “People are People”, “If You Want” and “What’s Your Name?” (I hope nobody heard me) 😳