There were a whole slew of people wanting meat and cheese sliced at the deli. Perhaps for the preseason football? As I was slicing it I was taking out my aggression on the meat and cheese slicers singing the song “Know Your Chicken” by Cibo Matto. (before my anime conversation I was thinking of titling this blog “Know Your Chicken”)

This one customer comes while I’m cleaning the meat and cheese slicers while singing “Know Your Chicken” again. I was sort of in an angry scrubbing daze. Taking my aggressions out on scrubbing it. Then this customer comes and says something like “Hello! That opened up your third eye!” What does that even mean? *shrugs* that was a weird customer anyway. They asked for a “bag of samples” 😑 Then they said something like “Ok (my name) I’m going to do some more shopping”. First I was thinking “How do you know my name?” Sometimes I forget I’m wearing a nametag. Then they came back but we were cleaning and the deli was closed. I remembered their hair style resembled the one Martin Gore wore circa 2003. 🤔

So that guy came to help. He’s been there for a long time so he knows stuff. He gives us the deli gossip. Like that a bunch of people were hired to work there, but a lot of them quit. And that it is one of the hardest jobs. That was the guy who told me to throw the meat in the bucket. I don’t know I like him he’s funny and no-nonsense. (I mean not in a romantic manner.) I found out he’s not a supervisor or anything he’s just a guy who used to work in the deli and knows how to clean it properly.

Then we ended up talking about anime. I was telling him about how much I like magical girl anime. He said he likes Digimon over Pokémon. And we talked about recolor fan art. He said he likes Hamtaro.

He said I could add the “san” honorific to his name.

He asked how old I am. He said he thought I was like 20. That is really knocking a lot of years off my age. 😲😉 I’m not gonna knock it. I think and I don’t mean this in a boastful way. You have to be the whole package. I have youthful thoughts to go along with it. I told him I don’t really take care of my body I drink alcohol and eat bacon.

I asked if he likes Depeche Mode. He didn’t know who they are so I dropped it.

I forgot to ask him if he plays Sailor Moon Drops or if he likes European anime inspired shows like Miraculous Ladybug.